My volunteers were wonderful! They did very good work, and everything looked nice and neat. I’m happy with them, I enjoyed getting to know them, and I actually learned something from how they did the job.

Elaine Hallett

After 23 years in town, it’s a surprise and joy to meet “new” people who’ve been neighbors for many years. I am glad to have been able to work side-by-side with Elaine and make a new friend as we helped with her beautiful garden.

Martha Tecca

Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Together

The extraordinary team of Sue Hanlon, Kathy McGowan, and Erin Wetherell coordinate Lyme’s Day of Service, in partnership with the Blake Allison, Lyme’s Green Up Day chair; Tami Dowd and Jeff Valence, who team up to offer a free breakfast feast; Lynn McRae and the Aging in Place committee, who seek and scopes out projects that are helpful to neighbors and fulfilling for volunteers. There is something for everyone!

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Next Day of Service:

May 2th, 2020

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How would you like to help or be helped?