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Property Maintenance

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Phone: (603) 229-8885
Contact: Dan Bragg
Provides various property maintenance including driveway grading, small excavation jobs, walkways and patio installations, brushwork, and light trucking of materials.
Phone: (802) 356-5699
Phone: (802) 295-3421
Provides firewood for heating in addition to some logging and trail work.
Phone: (603) 795-4045
Contact: Randy Cole
Phone: (802) 333-7100
Contact: Joshua Findley

A small handyman business that does all sorts of projects including: painting, pressure washing, window cleaning, lawn maintenance, and many other things.

Phone: (802) 222-7442
Contact: Amanda Forward
Phone: (603) 667-3287
Contact: Shawn Gray and Liz Bailey-Gray
Phone: (603) 764-9407
Contact: Adam O'Donnell
Phone: (802) 738-4035
Contact: Jason Fornwalt
Phone: (802) 222-5570
Contact: Michael Burns
Phone: (603) 252-6963
Contact: Richard Vidal
Provides various property maintenance services including garden/tree/shrub installation.
Phone: (603) 443-3205
Phone: (603) 353-9872
Phone (alt.): (603) 359-8483
Contact: Mark & Virginia Morrison
Phone: (802) 291-1095
Phone (alt.): (802) 291-2442
BCS dealer and provides small engine service.
Phone: (802) 333-9530
Contact: Tim Ulman
Phone: (802) 785-3162
Contact: David Rondeau
Phone: (603) 353-4350
Phone (alt.): (603) 667-1011
Contact: Steve
Phone: (802) 751-6191
Provides field and brush mowing.
Phone: (603) 304-5030
Contact: Stacey Thomson
Phone: (603) 353-9700
Contact: Tait Jones
Phone: (802) 439-6081
Phone (alt.): (802) 249-3784
Contact: Owen Wagner
Now serving the greater Upper Valley.  With 13 years of experience, we specialize in all your Tree Care needs.  Our services include: Tree Removal, Fruit Tree Pruning, Crown Cleaning and Thinning (spikeless), Cabling & Bracing, Ornamental Shrub Care, Property Reclamation, Planting and much more. We offer free consultation to discuss your Tree Care needs with a Certified Arborist.  Call us to set up an appointment or check us out on Facebook @wagnertreecare.
Phone: (802) 299-9934
Contact: Eric Weglarz
Phone: (802) 295-1259
Phone (alt.): (802) 291-3029
Contact: Todd Willey
Phone: (802) 334-6326

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