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Health - Medical

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Contact: Dana Silver and John Gregory
Phone: (603) 448-0040
Phone (alt.): (603) 448-3668
Contact: Dr. Alicia Willette
Provides comprehensive dentistry including restorative and esthetic care.
Phone: (802) 785-2117
Phone: (802) 295-9360
Contact: James R. McGlynn
Phone: (802) 295-7725
Phone: (603) 643-3190
Provides medical care for those unable to pay.

In addition, the clinic can help patients find other assistance they need, including housing, job placement, clothing and transportation.

In collaboration with the Red Logan Dental Clinic.

Phone: (802) 295-1868
Contact: Mike Mundy
Phone: (603) 643-2200
Contact: Terry Bradigan
Phone: (603) 643-4362
Contact: Steve Rayes
Phone: (802) 649-5210
Contact: Kristen
Phone: (603) 448-4200
Contact: Nancy Turkington
Phone: (603) 643-6700
Phone: (603) 643-3509
Contact: Bill Ferriter
Phone: (603) 526-5172
Parish Nurse Program
Contact: Kari Allen, RN or Sharon Morgan, RN, NP

Provides health consultations for variety of concerns, such as: caring for elderly family at home or away, preparing for planned medical/surgical, medication questions and management, completing an advance directive and checking blood pressures.

Phone: (603) 795-0603
Phone (alt.): (603) 795-2850
Provides dental care for those unable to pay, in addition to helping patients find other assistance they need, including housing; job placement; clothing; and transportation. In collaboration with the Good Neighbor Health Clinic.
Phone: (802) 295-7573
Contact: Heather Toulmin
Specializes in trauma and autism for children/teens/adults.
Phone: (802) 299-6276
Contact: Mark Sinclair
Phone: (802) 222-5383
Phone: (800) 555-1212
Provides home care services including visiting nurses, home health aides, physical therapists and hospice care.

VNH caregivers will work through Medicaid-funded programs to provide support services so people with chronic medical problems can remain in their homes. VNH also makes referrals for people who need non-medical help at home: housekeeping; personal care; companionship; meal preparation; pet walking; medication scheduling, and errands and transportation to medical appointments.

Phone: (800) 575-5162

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