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Fitness & Wellness

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Contact: Cheryl Beaudine
Phone: (802) 359-4009
Phone (alt.): (603) 276-5616
Barbara Scholz
Contact: Barbara Scholz

Offers Massage, Asian Bodywork Therapy (Shiatsu), and Nerve Reflexology.

Offers house calls.

Phone: (802) 291-0831

Becky is passionate about well-being and the power of plants. She helps with strategies for adding more plants to daily life and loves bringing people together to explore and improve wellbeing. Ask about co-hosting a Salad in a Jar Party or installing a Tower Garden to have fresh greens all year long.

Phone: (603)-667-8475
Contact: Teri Hontas
Phone: (413) 717-7091
DeLeon Day Spa offers facials, waxing, lash and brow tinting, body treatments, manicures, and pedicures.
Phone: (603) 443-1790
Contact: Erin Thibideau
Phone: (802) 649-8886
Contact: Marshal Van Norden
Phone: (802) 333-4574
Schedule your appointment online.
Phone: (603) 643-7588
Contact: Theresa Mundy
Provides yoga classes and private sessions for specific concerns.
Phone: (603) 795-2253
Contact: Jessica Moote
Phone: (603) 678-4571
Phone: (603) 646-3903

Michele Boutin is an Integrative Digestive Health Coach. For more than a decade, she has coached women one on one and has worked with groups of women who want to create better food and life habits, lose weight in a healthy manner, increase energy, reclaim focus & clarity, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion!

Phone: (603) 448-2662
Phone: (802) 333-4155
Contact: Susan Burke
Phone: (603) 795-2690
Contact: Liz Gesler
Provides training and boarding in addition to riding lessons.
Phone: (603) 359-7300
Website: Facebook
Phone: (603) 643-7720
Contact: Sally Thursby

Combining acupressure, craniosacral therapy and other subtle modalities with massage to relieve physical and emotional distress. “A clear state of balance provides the foundation for health and happiness, and brings a person closer to his or her true nature."

Phone: (603) 795-4447
Yoga at the Academy; Transitions Reiki
Phone: (603) 795-2419
Contact: Sheila Armen
Phone: (802) 295-1718
Contact: Becky Hirschey
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone
Phone: (603) 643-1642
Very experienced horseback riding teacher.
Phone: (802) 649-1870
Contact: Rick
Phone: (802) 296-5700
Contact: Ginny Prince
Phone: (802) 685-2239
Contact: Elena Marshall

Provides health and lifestyle planning, organization, meal planning.

Phone: (603) 667-5329
Contact: Lynne Walker
Provides neuromuscular therapy for women to chronic pain and increase mobility.
Phone: (603) 252-6664
Contact: Sue Kirincich
Phone: (802) 295-1456

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*The Lyme Contractor and Service Providers listing that is the basis of this directory was initiated by former Lyme neighbor, Jess Lahey. For years, she updated and shared the listing, based on listserv posts about individuals and local businesses serving Lyme residents. Thank you, Jess!