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Carpentry & Woodworking

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Works on smaller jobs such as decks and mudrooms.
Phone: (802) 356-1805
Phone (alt.): (802) 649-3107
Contact: Fred Clow
Phone: (603) 443-1480
Contact: Harvey Brotman
Custom woodworking items
Phone: (603) 795-4545
Contact: Ethan Cole
Provies green building, sustainable construction, and weatherization.
Phone: (802) 356-4383
Contact: Gary Spooner
Phone: (802) 385-4505
Phone (alt.): (802) 333-4505
Contact: Steve Jones
Phone: (603) 236-2289
Phone: (603) 727-2290
Provides various home improvement services including patio and stone walls.
Phone: (802) 333-9629
Contact: Tony Pippin, Jr.
Phone: (603) 795-4591
Contact: Tim and Adam Dyke
Phone: (603) 353-9831
Contact: Jared Shipman
Provides house and barn construction and restoration.
Phone: (603) 667-0126
Phone (alt.): (603) 272-4962
Contact: Tom Slater
Phone: (802) 649-5207
Contact: Shilo Gregory
Provides frame to finish building, cabinetry, and design.
Phone: (802) 355-2300
Contact: Tom Daley
Phone: (802) 291-3653
Contact: Tom Toner
Provides exterior painting and carpentry.
Phone: (603) 353-9709

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*The Lyme Contractor and Service Providers listing that is the basis of this directory was initiated by former Lyme neighbor, Jess Lahey. For years, she updated and shared the listing, based on listserv posts about individuals and local businesses serving Lyme residents. Thank you, Jess!