Lyme Organizations & Services Directory

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Bruce Stevens
Provides piano tuning and player piano technicians.
(802) 757-8050
(802) 763-2200
Al Depetrillo
(603) 448-3358
Dana Silver and John Gregory
(603) 448-0040
(603) 448-3668
Dr. Alicia Willette
Provides comprehensive dentistry including restorative and esthetic care.
(802) 785-2117
Mary Smith
(603) 653-0317
(802) 295-9360
Cheryl Beaudine
(802) 359-4009
(603) 276-5616
(603) 448-5100
Arthur Fortunati
(802) 584-3889
Audio Specialist
Jack Elliot
Works with various technological services inculding home theater, audio equipment, home and lighting controls, and home networking.
(603) 795-2447
(603) 306-2840
Wayne Pike
(603) 795-2623
(603) 795-4528
Matthew Banker
(603) 523-2075
Provides restorations and repairs in addition to refinishing.
(603) 353-4136
Quinn Benjamin
(802) 222-7571
(603) 643-1454
Cindy and Bill
(603) 448-5533
Nathan Tucker
(603) 448-0084
(802) 889-5647
(800) 424-1974
(603) 229-8885
(603) 786-2222
Bob Perkins
(802) 649-1850
Boy Scout Troop #0273/Sunapee District
Vanessa & Hugh O'Donnell, Jr
Scouting provides opportunities for building character, citizenship, leadership and personal fitness.

Boy Scout Activities for boys 11-17 years of age. Cub Scouts activities for boys 7-10 years of age.

(802) 333-4797
Dan Bragg
Provides various property maintenance including driveway grading, small excavation jobs, walkways and patio installations, brushwork, and light trucking of materials.
(802) 356-5699
Works on smaller jobs such as decks and mudrooms.
(802) 356-1805
(802) 649-3107
Skip Downing
(603) 448-0120
Provides Vermont and New Hampshire estate planning & settlement. Fax: (603) 643-8686
(877) 643-7577
(603) 643-7577
Wedding photographer
(802) 683-8827
(802) 649-3030
Liz Smithies
(802) 728-3600
James R. McGlynn
(802) 295-7725
Timothy F. Fisher
(603) 643-4441
Charlie French
Listed in Vermont/NH
(603) 272-9268
(802) 295-3421
Provides firewood for heating in addition to some logging and trail work.
(603) 795-4045
Paul Bianco
(802) 477-2352
Fred Clow
(603) 443-1480
(802) 785-4818
Randy Cole
(802) 333-7100
Dan Dyke
(603) 236-2993
Heather Vitella
(774) 277-1308
(802) 296-7241
Reg Cramer
(802) 333-4144
(802) 384-4144
Adam Bristol
Provides technical assistance with network performance, cyber-security, phone/VoIP/access control systems, and security cams.
(603) 353-4040
Receive a daily "Good Morning" telephone call.

This is a free service for residents of Grafton County who are living alone, homebound or at risk for falls or accidents. Sponsored by the Grafton County Senior Citizens Council.

(603) 448-1825
(802) 234-5434
(603) 632-5496
Dave Hauger
(802) 785-2810
Dave Carpenter
(802) 785-4572
Deacons’ Fund
Nancy Grandine
The Lyme Congregational Church and the First Baptist Church of Lyme jointly administer a discretionary fund to provide confidential, short-term emergency help.
(603) 795-4853
Spanish, Biology, Social Studies, English, Math (pre-algebra & below), writing & research.
(603) 795-2825
(603) 325-8697
Jim Jenks
Excavation contractor who has 40 years of experience.
(603) 795-2028
Trae Dessert
(603) 632-4802
Dick Wilson
Provides higher end framing.
(603) 298-5961
(603) 795-4023
Provides tutoring for kids up to Grade 5 in all subjects.
(802) 333-4026
Ethan Cole
Provies green building, sustainable construction, and weatherization.
(802) 356-4383
James Maxfield
(603) 649-2646
Provides chair caning.
(603) 643-4134
Kimberley Quirk
(603) 632-1263
Jim Komarmi
Provides truss, metal fence, and event infrastructure rentals.
(603) 277-3204
Cliff Fahey
(603) 359-8418
Gary Fellows
(802) 779-0985
Clarence Flint
(603) 353-4870
(603) 236-9139
Oliver "Ollie" Boles
Provides metal standing seam roofing.
(802) 763-8698
Vernon, Matthew, and Stanley Fogg
(802) 295-6439
(802) 296-6715
Provides tutoring in SAT/ACT/Study Skills and college and career counseling.
(802) 649-2478
Amanda Forward
(603) 667-3287
(802) 866-3342
Brian Malloy
(781) 285-3219
Rachel Kurland
(802) 765-4076
Gary Spooner
(802) 385-4505
(802) 333-4505
(603) 448-4986
(800) 863-2333
Girl Scouts/Brownie Troop #30175
Yolanda Bujarski
Provides girls opportunities for building character, citizenship, leadership, and personal fitness.

Meetings are at the Lyme Congregational Church from 3:30-5:30 PM on Wednesdays.

(603) 795-4622
Don Hoh
(603) 863-8730
Graham Barber
(603) 662-8103
Ben Gray
(603) 359-7735
Shawn Gray and Liz Bailey-Gray
(603) 764-9407
Marshal Van Norden
(802) 333-4574
Dan Green
Repair electric appliances only.
(603) 353-4804
Joan Pakenham
(603) 795-2773
Kerry LaValley
(603) 942-8472
(800) 675-8472
(603) 643-2308
Schedule your appointment online.
(603) 643-7588
Terry Bradigan
(603) 643-4362
The center is open five days a week with a full schedule including exercise classes, health clinics, activities, lectures, movies, lunches and trips.

Exercise classes include: strength, balance, stretching, cardio vascular, Zumba Gold and chair exercises

Activities include: ceramics, book group, bridge, knitting

For the monthly calendar and newsletter, visit the center's website.

(603) 643-5531
(603) 640-5304
Ed Eastridge
(802) 785-4221
Theresa Mundy
Provides yoga classes and private sessions for specific concerns.
(603) 795-2253
Henry Farnsworth
(603) 381-4110
Call before 7PM, please.
(603) 795-2749
(603) 643-4426
(802) 295-9949
Bruce Henry
Provides GE warranty services and service on all brands.
(603) 272-4387
Drew Hitchcock
Provides services in design/build, custom kitchens, renovations, and new construction.
(603) 738-6603
Matt Hogan
(603) 272-9127
Jeff Acker
(802) 295-1548
Jessica Moote
(603) 678-4571
Richard Hurd
(802) 885-3517
No installations
(800) 454-3941
William Patrick
(603) 298-8036
Kevin Fahey
Provides work in plumbing and heating.
(802) 333-4697
(603) 863-5591
Jeffrey Balch
(603) 643-5770
Jan Crawford
Provides business services in advertising, marketing, and public relations.
(443) 454-3420
Jeff Wilmot
(802) 763-2055
Works with photography, digital illustration, and photo editing/retouching.
(603) 661-7616
Works with custom furniture. Also, a retired Verizon technician.
(603) 795-4346
(603) 660-1335
Jim Musty
(802) 222-5354
Provides work on, troubleshooting, and lessons on Macs, iPads, and PCs.
(603) 795-4666
Marc Richard
(603) 298-5703
Steve Jones
(603) 236-2289
(603) 727-2290
Now performs only draperies and slipcovers
(603) 764-5229
Karl Yaeger
(802) 249-8400
(802) 698-7000
Zach Conlet
(603) 353-4106
Provides notary work as well.
(603) 667-8203
Sherman Phillips and Doug Balch
Also provides specialized all-natural soaps.
(603) 795-2955
Provides Pet Care for all animals from gerbils to horses.
(603) 795-2329
(802) 295-8044
(603) 448-1633
Lucas Seaver, Manager
(603) 298-5641
Nancy Grandine
(603) 795-4853
(802) 333-4603
Performs in Fall/Winter; Lyme Resident. Maintains clock at LCC.
(603) 795-2014
(603) 795-4205
(802) 763-7981
Terry Bowen
(603) 353-4302
Lyme Gardeners
An informal group of residents of Lyme and surrounding communities who are interested in gardening and plants in general. There primary activity is visiting each other's gardens.

Now in its 14th year, Lyme Gardeners is open to all who enjoy visiting and talking about gardens. Pardon My Garden visits are usually weekly, on Tuesdays from 6-7:30, from early spring into the fall. Hosts may be just beginning or experienced, all sharing a love and enthusiasm for gardening.

Adam O'Donnell
(802) 738-4035
Marie Matyka
(603) 353-2140
Mark Cook
(802) 333-4847
Marshall Ivey
(603) 667-1178
(603) 643-4200
(603) 795-4816
Jason Fornwalt
(802) 222-5570
Marty Martino
(802) 222-9667
(603) 252-0063
(603) 448-4200
(802) 333-4232
Matt Allgeyer
Provides complete top-to-bottom painting and home service.
(603) 485-7265
(888) 427-9307
Richard Vidal
Provides various property maintenance services including garden/tree/shrub installation.
(603) 795-2767
(603) 443-3205

Custom caskets

(603) 795-4435
(802) 763-2448
(603) 353-9872
(603) 359-8483
Mike Mann
(802) 333-9782
Nancy Turkington
(603) 643-6700
Mark & Virginia Morrison
(802) 291-1095
(802) 291-2442
Beau Moulton
(603) 738-4532
(802) 785-2059
Carl Diener
(603) 643-0322
Bill Ferriter
(603) 526-5172
BCS dealer and provides small engine service.
(802) 333-9530
Tim Ulman and Zeb Jenks
(802) 785-3162
Braelin Thornton-Zarzycki
(518) 459-4665
Alfred Dedham
(802) 281-9592
Overseer of the Public Welfare
Nancy Grandine
Provides help for individuals and couples living in Lyme who may lack adequate resources such as food and clothing or who need help with rent or mortgage payments.

Assistance can include general welfare assistance through state and federal programs, in addition to providing referrals to local programs that help with utility bills and fuel costs.

(603) 795-4853
Hap Johnson
Provides furniture rebuilding and repair.
(802) 649-5223
(603) 795-4591
Patrick Burnett
(802) 461-3456
(603) 795-2535
Dr. Arnie Burdick
(802) 296-6811
Perry Clean
Samantha Perry
(603) 667-0658
Provides various home improvement services including patio and stone walls.
(802) 333-9629
A service provided by DHMC which enables people living independently to summon emergency help through their telephone by using the waterproof Lifeline button they're wearing.

Works within about 200 yards of the home. Monthly fee with free installation.

(603) 653-1610
Mike Hogan
(603) 236-6357
Todd Pierson
(802) 356-2421
Susan Burke
(603) 795-2690
Tony Pippin, Jr.
(603) 795-4591
(603) 298-5854
Gary Osgood
(802) 333-9005
Paul Gardner
(802) 356-4444
Kyle LaCroix
Provides organic tick and mosquito control.
(603) 838-7873
Liz Gesler
Provides training and boarding in addition to riding lessons.
(603) 359-7300
(802) 365-7770
Charles Gilley
(802) 457-3709
(603) 415-0151
(603) 787-6064
(802) 295-3894
Robin Strout Cushman
(603) 790-0197
Rob Penn
(603) 304-9309
Robin Weisberger
Provides art support.
(603) 353-9332
David Rondeau
(603) 353-4350
(603) 667-1011
Robin Taylor
Provides media conversion from VHS cassette to DVD and 35mm slide scans to digital.
(603) 795-2171
(603) 252-1620
Bradley Moulton
(603) 359-3423
Rob Woodward
Provides small engine and equipment repairs.
(603) 795-2921
Tim and Adam Dyke
(603) 353-9831
(603) 667-8612
Heather Toulmin
Specializes in trauma and autism for children/teens/adults.
(802) 299-6276
(802) 863-3003
(877) 863-3003
Trevor Ball
(603) 359-7806
Curtis Shepard
(603) 795-4931
Jared Shipman
Provides house and barn construction and restoration.
(603) 667-0126
(603) 272-4962
Nick Piper
(603) 298-7200
(802) 738-9472
Mark Sinclair
(802) 222-5383
Skip Sjobeck
(802) 728-3056
Tom Slater
(802) 649-5207
(802) 751-6191
Provides standard piano lessons as well as improvisation and composition.
(802) 457-4050
Dirk Ussler
Mobile Pet Care for all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats.
(802) 333-4321
Provides field and brush mowing.
(603) 304-5030
St. Francis Wild Bird Hospital
Catherine Greenleaf
(603) 795-4850
Yoga at the Academy; Transitions Reiki
(603) 795-2419
Margaret Gilmore
Provides elegant music for special occasions.
(802) 785-4909
(603) 795-2256
Paul Stinson
(603) 643-2229
Eric Gesler
Provides custome furniture and cabinets.
(603) 359-0025
Sheila Armen
(802) 295-1718
Tom Hartman
(802) 295-5300
(802) 295-1456
Paul Dube
(603) 543-0492
(800) 555-1212
Shilo Gregory
Provides frame to finish building, cabinetry, and design.
(802) 355-2300
Norah Lake
(802) 376-5945
(802) 272-4812
Becky Hirschey
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone
(603) 643-1642
(603) 795-2606
Mark Yussko
(603) 229-1916
Jeff and Nancy Peavey
Also a gift and leather store.
(603) 298-8800
, ,
Phil, Matt, and Jerry
(603) 447-3200
Karen Keane
(603) 667-1667
Tina Hebb
(802) 369-9228
Provides free counseling and representation in civil cases relating to housing, health care, nursing care and public benefits. There are no asset and/or income eligibility limits for clients over 60.
(888) 353-9944
Stacey Thomson
(603) 353-9700
Those Guys
Kevin Rhoads
Assist local residents with transportation to medical appointments, minor household repairs, yard work, etc.

Meet 1st Wed of the month at 6:30am at the Lyme Congregational Church for breakfast.

See separate listing for Those Guys Party Tent Rentals.

Those Guys Request dispatch:

The (603) 727-8105 number is good for calls or texts.

Contact by e-mail: Pleas put "Those Guys Request" in the subject line, it makes it much easier to spot requests that are often time-sensitive.

(603) 795-4417
(603) 727-8105
Those Guys Party Tent Rentals
Garry Thrasher
Provides tents (2--20' x 40') which includes set up and take down for rental fee. Fees support community activities.
(603) 795-4590
(802) 333-4678
Tim "Bucky" Olsen
(603) 667-1080
(603) 795-4168
Russ Greenwood
(603) 881-8309
Tom Daley
(802) 291-3653
Very Experienced
(802) 649-1870
(603) 353-9011
(603) 448-4007
(802) 333-4789
Todd Longley
(603) 763-7385
Tait Jones
(802) 439-6081
(802) 249-3784
(802) 296-5700
(802) 785-2845
Provides repairs and replace garage doors/electric operator.
(603) 632-4900
Ana Edson
Academic support for students of all ages.

Specializing in test prep for SAT/ACT (proctored practice tests and detailed analysis), as well as subject-specializing in test prep for SAT/ACT (proctored practice tests and detailed analysis), as well as subject-specific tutoring.



Julia O'Hara

Provides financial support, in the form of grants, primarily to local or Upper Valley organizations serving the needs of Lyme residents. Members fundraise annually through events such as the Festival of Trees in December.

(603) 795-2633
Valley Floors
(802) 461-4617
Scott and Bridget Veracka
(603) 795-4342
Eric Wadsworth
(603) 448-1705
Eric Weglarz
(802) 295-1259
(802) 291-3029
Chad Whitcomb
(802) 356-2100
White River Toyota
Provides detailing and mechanical work on any make of car; no body work.
(802) 299-2800
Mary Lou Robinson
(603) 443-6763
Elena Marshall
Provieshealth and lifestyle planning, organization, meal planning.
(603) 667-5329
Retired but still does local jobs.
(603) 795-4371
Todd Willey
(802) 334-6326
Bruce Wolkenbrod
(802) 296-8022
Lynne Walker
Provides neuromuscular therapy for women to chronic pain and increase mobility.
(603) 252-6664
Sue Kirincich
(802) 295-1456
Provides a range of support services, from a food bank and meals, to lifeskill education like budgeting.
(603) 448-4553
Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, the center provides book clubs, bus trips, guest speakers, exercise classes, computer lab and entertainment as well as meals, recreation, transportation, adult day care, health screenings and social services. The center also offers legal services, tax assistance, and help with household chores and maintenance. (The center is part of the Grafton County Senior Citizens Council, whose mission is to work with senior citizens who need support to maintain an independent lifestyle.)
(603) 448-4213
American Legion Post #80
Sean O'Keefe, Commander
A volunteer veteran organization committed to mentoring youth and sponsoring programs in our community for recovery of wounded warriors and their families.
(603) 795-0603
Berway Farm and Creamery is a family run dairy farm on the banks of the Connecticut river in Lyme, NH. We offer 100% grass fed milk and 100% grass fed Angus beef year around. In season we offer heirloom tomatoes and other produce.
(802) 249-6107
Bruce Hammond
(603) 795-2795
Harvey Brotman
(603) 795-4545
CommunityCare of Lyme
Patty Jenks, Director
Promotes and supports community programs (among the churches and volunteer groups) to encourage resident's healthy, safe, socially engaged lives they choose, regardless of age or ability to pay.
(603) 795-0603
Judy Russell, Library Director
In a welcoming environment, the Library provides services and resources that encourage learning, stimulate curiosity, and invite the sharing of ideas.
(603) 795-4622
FAST Squad
Lisa Rayes, Captain
Provides pre-hospital emergency care to anyone in Lyme who has called 911 for a medical emergency - accident or illness.

Trained volunteers are on-call 24/7 with mutual aid from Hanover and other communities.

(907) 770-1990
Judy Russell, Library Director
Provides volunteers and fundraising to support the community library.

Meetings are at 10:30 AM in the Library on the 2nd Monday of each month from September through June.

(603) 795-4622
Keeny Paige Fashions and Alterations
Keeny Paige

Sewing alterations and repairs, custom clothing design. Visit Keeny's office above Stella's in Lyme, NH. From bridal, prom, office, to street wear, she can alter it all!

Kids for Hire
Lyme School
8th grade Lyme School students earn money for their Washington trip by stacking wood, other yard work, and home projects needing extra hands.
(603) 795-2125
Baptist Church of Lyme Center
Assist church and Lyme Center residents with various activities and fundraising.
(603) 795-2936
Lyme Congregational Church
The Lyme Congregational Church is an Open and Affirming community of the United Church of Christ (UCC), in the heart of lovely Lyme, New Hampshire.

Inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, we honor our more than two hundred year history, as we embrace and encourage new ways of worship, fellowship and service.

(603) 795-2850
Morty Bailey
Lyme Green Heat has been delivering wood pellet heating fuel to the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire for more than four years. The company was started with the intention of making pellet heating a easy to use, renewable heating fuel dropped at your door.
(603) 353-9404
Lyme Historians
An organization of volunteers assists in the documentation, exhibit and education on the history of Lyme.
(603) 795-2508
Wayne Pike
Promotes and fosters snowmobiling in Lyme; assists in maintaining of trails.
(603) 795-2623
Lyme School Parent Teacher Organization
Yolanda Bujarski
PTO goal is to enrich the school community. Volunteers help with annual events, programs and fundraisers.
(603) 795-2125
Lyme Town Band
Blake Allison, President.
The band plays venues throughout the Connecticut River's Upper Valley region and is comprised solely of volunteer musicians.
(603) 795-4167
Lyme Volunteer Fire Dept.
Mike Mundy, Chief
Provides emergency response for fires and medical incidents to anyone in Lyme who has called 911.

Trained volunteers are on-call 24/7 with mutual aid from Hanover and other communities.

(603) 795-2253
Parish Nurse Program
Kari Allen, RN or Sharon Morgan, RN, NP

Provides health consultations for variety of concerns, such as: caring for elderly family at home or away, preparing for planned medical/surgical, medication questions and management, completing an advance directive and checking blood pressures.

(603) 795-0603
(603) 795-2850
Pearl Dimick Fund
Jennifer Schiffman and Kathy Sherrieb
The Pearl Dimick Fund provides emergency financial assistance for Lyme residents. The Dorcas Chaffee Fund provides emergency financial assistance for former Lyme residents who have maintained significant contacts with the community.

A committee representing the town's churches, school, and other support services reviews requests to provide short-term emergency funds for individuals and families. All requests are confidential.

(603) 795-4839
(603) 795-2831
SouperCare and VegiCare
Dayle Mason
Provides and delivers soup to neighbors in need of love and support; and vegetables to Lyme residents in need and folks at Pathways facility.
(603) 795-4346
(603) 795-2074
Welcoming New Neighbors, CommunityCare of Lyme
Sarah Shipton, Program Director
Provides introductions to Lyme to new residents.
(603) 795-0603
Women’s Fellowship of Lyme Congregational Church
Lyme Congregational Church
Support various activities in the church.
(603) 795-2850
Orford Senior Center
Jessica Aiken-Hall, Coordinator
The center serves the residents of Orford and Lyme with Tuesday activities preceding
a lunch.

Typically exercise programs followed by live music, starting at 10:30 a.m.

The senior center will also arrange for meals to be delivered to your home Monday
through Friday. (The center is part of the Grafton County Senior Citizens Council.)

(603) 353-9107
(603) 353-9403
Provides medical care for those unable to pay.

In addition, the clinic can help patients find other assistance they need, including housing, job placement, clothing and transportation.

In collaboration with the Red Logan Dental Clinic.

(802) 295-1868
Provides dental care for those unable to pay, in addition to helping patients find other assistance they need, including housing; job placement; clothing; and transportation. In collaboration with the Good Neighbor Health Clinic.
(802) 295-7573
Provides home care services including visiting nurses, home health aides, physical therapists and hospice care.

VNH caregivers will work through Medicaid-funded programs to provide support services so people with chronic medical problems can remain in their homes. VNH also makes referrals for people who need non-medical help at home: housekeeping; personal care; companionship; meal preparation; pet walking; medication scheduling, and errands and transportation to medical appointments.

(800) 575-5162
Provides a wide variety of continuing education courses.

Classes cover a broad range of topics from Shakespeare, Pete
Seeger and Sinatra to the World Wars, the Middle East and American politics and presidents to
art, classical music, forensic anthropology, fly fishing, birding and kayaking. In recent years,
participants have had backstage access to the production of local theater; focused on the best
films of leading directors and actors; learned the best tips and techniques for solving crossword
puzzles, painting watercolors and selling on eBay; traveled to Botswana, the Basque Country,
and Cuba, and learned to write memoirs and screenplays. Membership required plus a fee for
each course.

(603) 646-0154
General Information: Darlene Gautreau
Crossroads Academy is an independent, coeducational day school committed to academic excellence and moral integrity. We inspire our students to love learning, act honorably, and contribute actively to intellectual, cultural, and civic life.
(603) 795-3111
Judy Elliott
(603) 795-2447
Vicki Smith,
Provides financial support through grants for programs/projects that will maintain and enhance the quality of life in Lyme.
Kelly Downing
(603) 795-4567
The Lyme School strives to promote a collaborative partnership among our students, teachers, and parents to create what we believe is a distinctive school community.
(603) 795-2125
Linnea Spelman

Confers with clients to determine purpose, audience and content of product to be developed.

Creates designs and concept-based layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and esthetic design concepts.

Determines size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and select style and size of type.

Develops graphics and layouts for product illustrations and company/program logos.

Reviews final layouts and suggest improvements as needed.

Prepares press-ready files and track production of final product with selected vendor.

Tom Toner
Provides exterior painting and carpentry.
(603) 353-9709
Katie Jenks
30 years experience in child care, currently offering weekend child care service-day or night.
Also offering house and pet sitting services in the Upper Valley area.

References upon request, prices based on service and timeframe.

Please leave a message when calling.
(603) 795-2031
(603) 667-1451
Matthew Greenway
Visual Artist - Pinnacle Studio
Specializing in oil and gouache painting - landscape and portraits - commissions possible - private lessons upon request
Visual artist and teacher - Pinnacle Studio

Specializing in watercolor, mixed media, drawing and calligraphy work - watercolor and calligraphy classes available
Sally Thursby

Combining acupressure, craniosacral therapy and other subtle modalities with massage to relieve physical and emotional distress. “A clear state of balance provides the foundation for health and happiness, and brings a person closer to his or her true nature."

(603) 795-4447
Owen Wagner
Now serving the greater Upper Valley.  With 13 years of experience, we specialize in all your Tree Care needs.  Our services include: Tree Removal, Fruit Tree Pruning, Crown Cleaning and Thinning (spikeless), Cabling & Bracing, Ornamental Shrub Care, Property Reclamation, Planting and much more. We offer free consultation to discuss your Tree Care needs with a Certified Arborist.  Call us to set up an appointment or check us out on Facebook @wagnertreecare.
(802) 299-9934
Matt Brown
An art gallery specializing in fine art, crafts, and books by past and present residents of Lyme, NH and Thetford, VT. The gallery also features kabuki actor prints of Utagawa Kunisada (1789-1865).
(603) 795-4855

We are pleased to make this valuable resource* available. Feedback, corrections, and additions are welcome. All listings have been recommended Lyme residents or are Lyme residents. CCL updates the list as a community service, but we do not endorse any particular contractors. A printable version will be updated periodically. For additions or corrections, contact us.

*The Lyme Contractor and Service Providers listing that is the basis of this directory was initiated by former Lyme neighbor, Jess Lahey. For years, she updated and shared the listing, based on listserv posts about individuals and local businesses serving Lyme residents. Thank you, Jess!