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Stories and Photos of Our Lives Together

This page brings it all together: stories, photos, events, and other news of note. It’s essentially a community  “blog”, designed to evolve and expand to be interesting and helpful. Now our shared focus is on COVID-19, and especially the silver linings sparkling through during these challenging times.

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Stay at Home Questions

To Ask Ourselves While We Stay Physically Distant There is a lovely silver lining in staying home, especially if we can reduce the bombardment of news and information coming at us. And we can! We have the choice to find some space for ourselves (even if we happen to be staying safe in what feels like an over-full home with those we love.) Here are some wonderful questions that we might ask ourselves every day. Speaking of silver linings ... We found this image among the opportunities for inspiration, celebration, and exploration that are part of the stream pouring forth online. Look for more, right here!

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Stay at Home, Save Lives.

March 29th-May 4th New Hampshire is the last state in New England to order residents to stay home and leave only for essentials services. It is time to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and protect our healthcare workers and those who may become ill. Please honor this order. Use delivery services. Contact us if you need anything in order to stay at home. We are here for you. Call 795-0603 or Email

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Happy New Year!

Let's get to know each other better and share even more kindness and love in 2020. National news and local experience make it clear: we are facing challenging, and in many ways extreme, times, around the world and even here in Lyme. Highs are very high and lows are very low. Most of us experience a little of both, and some seem to get more than their fair share of one end of that spectrum. It is daunting, to say the least, that much of what we face seems so big and complicated: healthcare, education, our government, the environment, the economy ... and, yes, peace at home and around the world. Certainly, we need a lot from our leaders and our systems. But each of us also also has much to contribute, especially if we listen to one another and work together, doing the best we can with what we [...]

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Kindness Calendar for December - Let's Do It! If you follow social media, you may find lots of suggestions for calendars that list small acts of kindness that can make a big impact. Here's one we like. It's from, growing a movement based on the fact that happiness is contagious. We also invite you to venture to the Lyme Common and visit the CommunityCare of Lyme "Hugs for the Holidays" tree, adorned with ribbons that list kind acts you can share with friends and neighbors. And join in the many opportunities to gather during the next several weeks in Lyme. You can print out the Lyme Holiday Events Flyer for off-line reference. Join the movement for a happier and kinder world.

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Back-to-School Potluck & Kids’ Clothing Swap & Shop

Celebrating Back-to-School on a Beautiful Day September 9, 2019 What a wonderful time, gathered on the lawn and under the tent behind the Lyme Center Academy Building on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon! Huge thanks to Those Guys for the festive tent and to so many for the wonderful contributions of food (including amazing sweets!). CommunityCare of Lyme is always pleased to host a warm, intergenerational event, sharing a meal and enjoying the outdoors together. The kids had a fabulous time enjoying the comfortable freedom of free, fun time together. The PTO received lots of donations and put together a well-stocked kids' clothing and accessories shop. There were many happy faces on both parents and children who had picked out special new clothes, shoes, and other special treasures. Check out some photos of the day, below! Happy Fall to All! [...]

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Lawn Party Luncheon

A Gathering by the River What a fabulous afternoon, sharing lunch with over 60 friends and neighbors of all ages, from Lyme, Orford, and beyond! It was such a happy mix of guests, enjoying conversation and good food together -- just a joy to be a part of! There are so many people to thank, starting with the organizing team of Chris Bunten, Priscilla LaMott, and Martha Tecca. That was a big job, and great work to involve lots of others: Mark and Martha Teccas' spot by the river was a gorgeous setting for a relaxing meal. Those Guys of Lyme provided the tent -- a generous contribution, on a steamy hot day for the set-up and a race against the coming storm to take down the tent so it could be transferred to the Lyme Common for the Prouty SAG stop. The Orford-Fairlee Lions provided tables and chairs, [...]

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