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Stories and Photos of Life in Lyme

This page brings it all together: stories and photos about our people, events and other news of note in town. It’s essentially a community  “blog”, designed to evolve and expand to be interesting and helpful to you. Every post appears on this main page, with the newest on top. In the right hand column are links to the events calendar and photo galleries, and below that, categories allow you to explore topics of interest or more quickly find what you are looking for.

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Announcing The CCL Jenks Fund

The CCL Jenks Fund The CommunityCare of Lyme Board of Directors is pleased to announce the establishment of the CCL Jenks Fund, in memory of Jim Jenks and Ethan Jenks, and in honor of Patty Jenks. The fund, inspired by the kind and generous spirits of Jim and Ethan, will enable CCL’s Director, currently Patty, to provide small amounts of financial support to address urgent needs of individuals and familiesPayments will not be made directly to individuals. Donations may be made online or directly to the CCL Jenks Fund by cash or check delivered to the CCL offices or mailed to PO Box 127, Lyme, NH.  James Lee Jenks (1952-2019) Ethan Sherman Thomas Jenks (1992-2019)

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Remembering Ethan Jenks

Ethan Sherman Thomas Jenks (1992-2019) Lyme – and the many communities that were fortunate to be home to Ethan – lost a special son in March. A warm-hearted friend, talented musician and chef, and loving son, he will be dearly missed. His obituary in the Valley News tells Ethan's story. Our hearts go out to all of Ethan's family and loved ones, especially his mother, Sherman Phillips. CommunityCare of Lyme is delighted to honor Ethan's warm and generous spirit with the creation of The CCL Jenks Fund to help neighbors in need.

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Remembering Jim Jenks

James Lee Jenks (1952 - 2019) A gifted athlete in his youth, a talented earth mover, and a life-long resident of Lyme, Jimmy Jenks was a devoted friend and family man who left his mark on Lyme—whether by walking with a friend through grief or working every road in town. Jimmy was known for his hearty laugh, big love, and generous spirit that sometimes masked the pain in his life. Jimmy died on March 20, 2019. He will be sorely missed. In the May 20, 2019 issue of the Valley News, Jim Kenyon wrote a beautiful piece about Jim’s life, working with Patty Jenks, his wife and CCL’s Director. Click on this link to read the full article. CommunityCare of Lyme is delighted to honor Jim's caring and generous spirit with the creation of The CCL Jenks Fund to help neighbors in need. [...]

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CCL Monthly Update

May 17, 2019 It's been a busy month! We had an amazing turnout for Lyme's fourth annual Day of Service on Saturday, May 4th! Over 200 volunteers showed up to help our neighbors and green up roads. Thank you so much for the generosity of your service! We are also very grateful for the trust neighbors have shown in reaching out for help. We all need it sometimes, and it is a gift to have the opportunity to help a friend. We'd like to give a special thanks to the Day of Service organizing team (Sue Hanlon, Kathy McGowan, Lynn McRae, and Erin Wetherell), Sarah Shipton and the Parish Nurses, Kari Allen and Sharon Morgan, who helped reach out to community members who could use a hand, and Jeff Valence and Tami Dowd, who provided and cooked the fabulous breakfast, and the Lyme [...]

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Lyme’s Day of Service

Fabulous Turnout for Lyme’s Day of Service! On Saturday, May 4, 2019, over 200 people participated in Lyme’s fourth annual Day of Service. We started the day with 125 guests at our community breakfast at The Lyme School. Wow! Thanks so much to Jeff Valence and Tami Dowd. There was quite a buzz as everyone prepared for what proved to be a productive and fun event. The weather cooperated: There was a break from the rain, which was a relief, and even a few moments of sun. With temps in the 50s, conditions were perfect for getting out and getting the work done! Individuals, families, and service groups (including Those Guys and a 4H team), turned up: 90 volunteers helped with all kinds of projects, and over 140 people greened up roads.  Many volunteers worked on more than one project or road. Both volunteers and service recipients looked forward [...]

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Lyme Memories – the Skiway

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep...” Guest Blog by Barbara Balch, as shared in the Lyme Community and Church newsletter November/December 2018 I thought of this line often as I rode up and down the trails at the Dartmouth Skiway beside my husband as he groomed the slopes, repairing and preparing them for morning and the first run skier. The groomer was nothing like the large fancy groomers you see today - it always astonished me that such a small, drafty and noisy machine left beautiful white ribbons flowing down the mountain in its wake as we chugged along, uphill and down. If the night was clear and cold the snow sparkled in the headlights, and the moon and stars sparkled above. A stormy night brought swirling flakes that often built up on the windshield faster than the wipers could disperse them, and we would stop, get out, [...]

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