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Stories and Photos of Our Lives Together

This page brings it all together: stories, photos, events, and other news of note. It’s essentially a community  “blog”, designed to evolve and expand to be interesting and helpful. Now our shared focus is on COVID-19, and especially the silver linings sparkling through during these challenging times.

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CCL Weekly Update – 11/27/2020

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Thankful beyond Thanksgiving You have filled my heart, with so many acts of caring and kindness toward neighbors. “Turkey Day” itself was like no other, but the efforts I saw in my own family, throughout the community, and in pla [...]

A Neighbor’s Thanksgiving Message

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Happy Thanksgiving a message from Lyme neighbor, Chris Jackson Dear Neighbors— I think Thanksgiving is a good time to get in touch.   I offer you best wishes for a good Thanksgiving — as good as possible, anyway — plus my hope t [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! With Sincere Gratitude to Chris Jackson for finding and sharing the hopeful photo to Molly Mundy for her beautiful watercolor image to so many friendly neighbors who have helped make this Thanksgiving a li [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 11/20/2020

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CCL Weekly Update – 11/20/2020 Generosity, everywhere we look. Keeping Thanksgiving traditions, during this unprecedented time. It’s not surprising that Lyme and neighbors in nearby communities are pulling out all the stops to h [...]

Thanksgiving Meal Options

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Thanksgiving Meal Options Prepared Dishes and Entire Meals Food for You to Prepare As we enter a very different holiday season, it is beautiful to see the creativity and generosity all around us: Fully prepared meals, side dishes [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 10/30/2020

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CCL Weekly Update – 10/30/2020 Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country, and this world. - Thomas Jefferson This is our time … to make our voices heard, to listen to and respect one anot [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 10/22/2020

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CCL Weekly Update – 10/22/2020 Expertise, teamwork, dedication, and trust … keeping us safe and helping us move forward, together Staying safe at school: Thanks to the Lyme School Covid Response Team for an informative and comfo [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 10/17/2020

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CCL Weekly Update – 10/17/2020 Signs of times to come ❄️ ... Waking to a snow-covered lawn and large, pretty flakes flying about, I was jarred into the reality of the colder – but also beautiful – times nature has in store for u [...]

A COVID Halloween

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A COVID Halloween From Lyme Police Chief, Shaun O'Keefe: The Lyme Safety Committee, consisting of the Chief of Police, Emergency Management Director, Lyme Health Officer, School Superintendent, Library Director, Fire Chief, FAST [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 10/1/2020

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CCL Weekly Update – 10/1/2020 Our Waiting Game As I sit in the early hours at the waiting room at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, for a friend to be rid of concerns, I remember the early start to this day … how it was flooded with bright l [...]

October Festivities at Cedar Circle!

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OCTOBER HARVEST WEEKENDS This weekend kicks off the October festivities at Cedar Circle! Friday: the first batch of Cider Doughnuts! They will be available in the Hello Café at 9 a.m. until sold out every Friday this month. Satur [...]

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