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Stories and Photos of Our Lives Together

This page brings it all together: stories, photos, events, and other news of note. It’s essentially a community  “blog”, designed to evolve and expand to be interesting and helpful. Now our shared focus is on COVID-19, and especially the silver linings sparkling through during these challenging times.

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Mental and Behavioral Health Resources

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Mental and Behavioral Health Help Centers* A selection of help and crisis lines. Please call 911 in case of emergency. Stress and coping during COVID-19: National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Depression: Conne [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 1/21/2021

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CCL Weekly Update – 1/21/2021 The word of the week is "patience". This week has been a blend of anticipation, concern, relief (for many, but not all of us) and, still, lots of questions. The changing of the guard nationwide – wh [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 1/15/2021

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CCL Weekly Update – 1/15/2021 "We must walk on in the days ahead with an audacious faith in the future - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A reminder of Martin Luther King’s work and words couldn’t be more timely. We celebrate his lif [...]

Our Hour – January 2021

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Easing into the New Year Together Our Hour Zoom - January 2021 In the Our Hour gathering over Zoom this week, we shared our hopes, listened to each other's concerns, and suggested some uplifting and encouraging activities to one a [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 1/7/2021

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CCL Weekly Update – 1/7/2021 Taking Care as We Venture into 2021 It's a new year, but not starting out so happy. Lyme has lost two beloved friends, and the country continues to take our breath away with remarkable and unsettling [...]

NEW! Food Waste Drop Off Program in Lebanon

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NEW! Food Waste Drop Off Program in Lebanon From the Town of Lebanon website The newest waste diversion program at the Lebanon Solid Waste Facility is the Food Waste Drop-Off Program. Your food scraps will be composted and used on [...]

CCL Weekly Update — 12/31/2020

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CCL Holiday Update – 12/31/2020 A new light has been glimmering! Or perhaps we should say “Jingling”?   We couldn't "Jingle & Mingle" this year, so we've all been doing things differently ... looking hard for the silver lini [...]

We “Jingled All The Way!”

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We did it, together!! We couldn't "Jingle & Mingle" this year, so we did things differently all season: looking hard for the silver linings, offering what each of us had to give, feeling deeply touched by what was shared with [...]

CCL Weekly Update — 12/19/2020

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CCL Weekly Update – 12/26/2020 Living the “Dream”(ing) We’re in for a White Christmas! That’s what so many dream of every year. Thursday’s snow was a wallop. What perfect timing for a true, old-fashioned snow day. And it truly h [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 12/12/2020

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CCL Weekly Update – 12/12/2020 Jingle ... All The Way!! Since we can’t Jingle & Mingle, we’re doubling down on the Jingling, spreading love, light, and some sweet sounds throughout our community … and feeling the joy and vir [...]

Lyme School Virtual Giving Tree

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The Lyme School Giving Tree - Virtual Edition is now LIVE! Contributed by Fauve Dela Cruz, on behalf of the Lyme School PTO With a dusting of snow, the smell of a freshly cut fir tree, and "Winter Wonderland" playing on repeat... [...]

CCL Weekly Update 12/3/2020

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CCL Weekly Update – 12/3/2020 'Tis the Season ... It’s the season we know and love and look forward to. Yet with these extraordinary times and extraordinary people we find ourselves trying to make the best of an unknown situatio [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 11/27/2020

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Thankful beyond Thanksgiving You have filled my heart, with so many acts of caring and kindness toward neighbors. “Turkey Day” itself was like no other, but the efforts I saw in my own family, throughout the community, and in pla [...]

A Neighbor’s Thanksgiving Message

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Happy Thanksgiving a message from Lyme neighbor, Chris Jackson Dear Neighbors— I think Thanksgiving is a good time to get in touch.   I offer you best wishes for a good Thanksgiving — as good as possible, anyway — plus my hope t [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! With Sincere Gratitude to Chris Jackson for finding and sharing the hopeful photo to Molly Mundy for her beautiful watercolor image to so many friendly neighbors who have helped make this Thanksgiving a li [...]

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