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Stories and Photos of Our Lives Together

This page brings it all together: stories, photos, events, and other news of note. It’s essentially a community  “blog”, designed to evolve and expand to be interesting and helpful. Now our shared focus is on COVID-19, and especially the silver linings sparkling through during these challenging times.

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Mental and Behavioral Health Resources

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Mental and Behavioral Health Help Centers* A selection of help and crisis lines. Please call 911 in case of emergency. Stress and coping during COVID-19: National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Depression: Conne [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 6/17/2021

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CCL Weekly Update –  6/17/2021 Congratulations!  Graduates, teachers, parents, and all those who have completed an extraordinary chapter of your lives, we celebrate YOU! What a year it has been! Such promise lies ahead … for you [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 6/10/2021

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CCL Weekly Update – 6/10/2021 It's Time for a Summer of Love! Preparing for last evening’s CommunityCare of Lyme board meeting, the last of our fiscal year, I was thinking about our opening reflection. We start each meeting with [...]

Beat the Heat!

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Cool wishes to you all during the warm summer months! Here are some reminders about coping with this heat, something that may be presenting new challenges, as we emerge from our focus on Covid-19. Staying well hydrated and cool is [...]

Our Hour – June 2021

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Farms and Fathers Together, we reminisced ... We had an enjoyable conversation about Farms and Fathers, two themes CommunityCare of Lyme will be lifting up during the month of June. We spoke about the good old days of gardening, [...]

CCL Weekly Update 6/4/2020

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CCL Weekly Update – 6/4/2021 As the laundry (and life) churns Have you ever watched the front load washing machine do its thing? I mean, you throw a whole bunch of fabric in a big tub, toss in some cleaner and it agitates. The s [...]

CCL Weekly Update – 5/28/2021

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CCL Weekly Update – 5/28/2021 How are you?  Seriously. How are you doing? I write this on Thursday, a gloriously lovely morning following the oppressive heat and humidity of the past few days. Thinking about the question, and my [...]

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