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You are cordially invited to attend TEDxDartmouth, a local independently organized TED conference in Hanover, NH at Spaulding Auditorium, Hopkins Center for the Arts on Saturday, April 13, 2019 (10AM – 3PM). In celebration of Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary, this year’s theme is “Living Bridges.” We have an amazing lineup of 12 speakers including Dartmouth faculty, alumni, students, and visiting guests. Join us for a fantastic opportunity to learn about local ideas worth spreading and the power of experiential learning.

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More about our conference:

A living bridge is formed by communities guiding the pliable roots of a tree across a river or stream and allowing them to strengthen and grow over time until they can support the weight of a human being. They are the means of connectivity for societies and represent the resilience and patience of pioneers and the cultures that grew from just a seed of an idea. We invite you to attend this year’s TEDxDartmouth conference, where our speakers will connect you to ideas, innovations, and experiences that unite us as a global community and cut across obstacles and boundaries. This year’s speakers include:

Session 1 (Morning): “Addressing the Root of the Problem”

1. Ivy McGregor, Social Entrepreneur and Director of Philanthropic Initiatives for Beyoncé

2. Staci Mannella ’19 – Paralympian and Advocate for Students with Disabilities

3. Tyné Freeman ’17 MALS ‘19 – Musician and Ethnomusicologist

4. Ivy Schweitzer and Pati Hernandez – Dartmouth Faculty and Co-Producers of Documentary It’s Criminal about Incarceration in America

5. Rosalie Kerr ‘ 97 – Director of Sustainability at Dartmouth

6. Terren Klein ’17 – CEO and Founder of College Pulse online survey and opinion tool

Session 2 (Afternoon): “The Branches that Connect Us”

1. Lisa Adams MED ’90 – Associate Dean of Global Health at Dartmouth

2. Matthew Slaughter – Dean of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

3. Christiana Rose, Master’s in Digital Musics ’20 – Interdisciplinary New Media Artist and Sound Engineer

4. Odette Harris ’91 – The First Black Female Tenured Professor of Neurosurgery

5. Jake Epstein ’21 – Student Entrepreneur and Founder of Blockchain startup Artificien

6. Pete McBride ’93 (newly announced!) – Photojournalist and photographer for National Geographic, hiker of the entire 700-mile Grand Canyon National Park

TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “Ideas Worth Spreading.” TEDxDartmouth seeks to instill a deep sense of curiosity in our community, increase awareness of interdisciplinary studies, and foster excitement for lifelong learning. We hope to connect our audience to diverse ideas and provide speakers with an opportunity to showcase their interests and spark discussion across disciplines. The event is a great networking opportunity for members of the Dartmouth and Upper Valley communities to engage with experts in their field.

For more information, please visit our website at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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