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Lyme Quilts … and Still Does – through October
To learn more about the exhibit: Museum Page
Churchill-Melvin House
15 Main Street, between the Country Store and the Old Cemetery
OPEN:  Wednesdays 4-6:00 PM and Saturdays 10 AM – 1:00 PM
     (and, as always, by appointment: send us an e-mail if you can’t make it during our regular hours and we’ll try to find someone available to let you in!)
The Lyme History Museum, operated by the Lyme Historians, Inc. is located in the Churchill-Melvin House at 15 Main Street across from the Lyme Common and between the Lyme Country Store and the cemetery.
     Come to admire the beauty, craftsmanship, variety and history of over two dozen quilts spanning 200 years.  All have some sort of a Lyme connection, and each one is displayed with its history and a story from the loaning family, from a 1790 “whole cloth” to a Mimi Weinstein pieced masterpiece from 2009.
     Sweet embroidered “State Birds and Flowers” by Mildred Clark, and patchworks “Postcard Patchwork” by Margaret Hughes, “Nine Patch” by Rose Camp Elder,  “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” by Clara Fowler,  “Third Week in October” by Pat Pippin, and “New England Town” by Jane Eakin (all of Lyme) join other beauties from VA, TN, IL, NY, MA, CT., PA, OH and KY.   We can’t list all the loaning families here, but you will enjoy seeing the treasures Lyme folks have shared from their families, along with their own stories.  Not to be missed: Hayes Greenway’s story involving dumpsters!

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