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Medicinal Plants & Lyme Disease: Understanding How Herbs Can Help-

Come learn:
– how these stealth microbes affect our bodies
-what herbs we can use to recover our health
-tips to reduce tick exposure

Medicinal plants offer incredible support and healing for those with Lyme and co-infections. For optimal health, herbs need to be an essential part of a healing protocol for those recovering from the affects of these stealth tick pathogens.

In this class we will learn how the Lyme bugs work in our bodies and will discuss some of the herbs that can be incredibly helpful for the different body systems that this illness can impact. We will also discuss strategies to reduce your chances of getting bit and provide tips and resources for what to do if you do get a tick bite.

This class is taught by Herbalist Kimberly Hotelling. When her son became ill with Lyme disease at the age of 10 (now 19), Kimberly began her long journey to learn all she could about the illness to help him recover.  In the process of helping her son get his health back and then herself, her husband and eventually her clients she has learned and seen first hand the powerful healing effects that plants have with these pathogens.  She firmly believes that herbs need be a integral part of getting well from Lyme disease/tick pathogens and she wants to help others learn how to use medical plants to regain their health and balance. For more information on Kimberly and her herbal practice and offerings visit her website. To register for the class email or call.

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