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Baldwin Memorial Librarian, Peggy Hewes, and Tenney’s Librarian, Mary
Burnham, are hoping that there are people out there who would be interested
in reading some Shakespeare together.  Please do not be afraid of the
language!  If you are interested please contact Tenney or Baldwin Library.
We promise that you will enjoy the experience. (Mary has been known to get
7th graders to enjoy The Bard.)

To celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday, we will begin to read his “Romeo and Juliet.”  This
is NOT just a silly love story. When Shakespeare wrote this play he knew
that the reigning monarch, Elizabeth I, would see it.  Although he was
“pushing the envelope” of acceptable behavior at the time, he needed to be

Learn an Elizabethan dance, practice Elizabethan compliments and insults.  Contrary to popular misconceptions, Shakespeare
did NOT write in Olde English, but in an early version of the English
language that we speak today.  You can understand his language! Part of
the problem is that there was not a standard dictionary with one kind of
accepted spelling.  We might call the Elizabethans “creative spellers.”
“Do not be afear’d.”

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