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Robert Goodby, archaeologist and author of A Deep Presence: 13,000 Years of Native American History.

“Almost 13,000 years ago, small groups of Paleoindians endured frigid winters on the edge of a river in what would become Keene, New Hampshire. This is the start of the remarkable story of Native Americans in New Hampshire, told through first-person accounts of the discovery and excavation of archaeological sites. This new book, intended for a general audience, includes striking full color photographs of excavations and artifacts. It presents evidence for the involvement of the Abenaki and their ancestors in a vast, complex social universe of Native people extending across northeastern North America and includes a discussion of their historical survival and modern renaissance. From the remains of the oldest known dwellings in New England at the Tenant Swamp Site in Keene to the 4,000-year-old Swanzey Fish Dam still visible in the Ashuelot River, A Deep Presence tells this story. This compelling book draws on Dr. Robert Goodby’s thirty years of fieldwork and includes evidence from the archaeological record, written history, and the living traditions of today’s Abenaki people.”  Published by Peter E. Randall Publisher in cooperation with the Harris Center for Conservation Education and the Historical Society of Cheshire County, the book will be released on October 12.”

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