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Contradances in Norwich on Second and Fourth Saturdays.

8:00 pm, Tracy Hall (200 Main Street, we enter by the back doors by the White Church)
As one caller said “We call it ‘dancing‘, but it’s really more like walking around with a smile on your face!”
Contradancing is a lot like square dancing, but it’s done in long lines.
…we use the music as an excuse to get some light activity and a chance to meet and mingle with our friends and neighbors
Simple, familiar dance figures like – turn by the hand, back to back (do si do), weave, swing
It’s not about costumes, it’s not about making-it-perfect…
It’s about you having fun!!!  The dance is self-correcting, so any mis-steps are quickly passed over.
Each dance is first taught, and then called, while the LIVE MUSIC plays.  Minimum requirements:
Can you tell your left from your right?
Can you count to four?
You’re all set~!
Please bring:
clean shoes to help protect the dance floor
a water bottle
a potluck snack for the break
Beginners should come early at 7:45 for a walk-through with the caller.
Want more info about this?  check out caller David Millstone’s website, and sign up for his e-mail news!
Sat. Oct 12 – Atlantic Crossing with David Millstone calling
Sat. Oct 26 – Cuckoo’s Nest (wait! – that’s my band!!!) with Luke Donforth calling
Admission is $12, $8 for students and under 16 are FREE!
(…and here’s a secret – no one is turned away…)
More dance info here:  and on Facebook under “Norwich Community Dances“.
I hope to see you on the dance floor,
Rick Barrows, Thetford Center
for Muskeg Music

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