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Childhood Lead Poisoning in NH: What Educators and Parents Need to Know

Thursday – September 21, 2017 – 6:30 – 8:30pm

Moody Building-Second Floor Conference Room – 24 Opera House Square – Claremont

Please contact Donna Lake, Event Coordinator, to let her know you are attending.

Presentation – Childhood Lead Poisoning in New Hampshire: What Educators and Parents Need to Know

Each year, every year, close to 800 children in New Hampshire are poisoned by lead and experience blood lead levels known to impair academic performance and cause behavior challenges. The effects that even low-level lead exposure have on the brain’s learning systems have been identified in study after study, commonly known as lead’s ‘Neurobehavioral Signature” – the significant negative impact on cognitive ability, speech and language, hearing, visual-spatial skills, attention, impulse control, social behaviors, emotional regulation, and motor skills. Children with lead exposure cannot avoid the negative impact and once a child’s health or cognition has been harmed by lead, the effects can be permanent and continue into adulthood. This educational program will provide an overview of key points in the recently released Center for Disease Control paper Educational Interventions for Children Affected by Lead and The Cincinnati Lead Study. Recent NH legislation working to improve childhood lead poisoning prevention and our State’s low pediatric blood lead level testing rates will also be discussed.


Gail Gettens, MS, ECMP – is a Health Promotion Advisor and Child Development Specialist with NH Division of Public Health Service’s Healthy Homes and Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. In her role she provides clinical management and prevention technical assistance, and education and outreach to pediatricians, nurses, educators and parents. Gail is an experienced child development specialist and program manager, and has completed extensive training on childhood lead poisoning and prevention through the Center for Disease Control, the Federal agency that funds her position and program. Gail is a graduate of Dartmouth College and completed a Master’s Degree in Child Development and Early Childhood Education at Wheelock College (Boston).

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