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The Lyme Historians invite you to visit “The Worst Plot of Land in Lyme”.

“I love you Joseph Brown, but you’ve spent our money on what is certainly the worst plot of land in this entire valley!  We’re perched on the side of a mountain, miles from church and town, and there’s nothing but rocks and woods in every direction.  Whatever were you thinking?”

“Aw shucks, Sarah my love.  Don’t talk that way.  In spring, when the hobblebush and trout lilies are blooming, it takes your breath away, and when the trees change color in autumn you’ll swear you’re in paradise!  I know it looks rough now but we’ll make a go of it, you’ll see.  We’re both young and hale.  This land will be something our children will be proud to inherit one day!”

“Oh my dear Joseph, I do hope so.”

We’ve imagined this conversation might have taken place between Joseph and Sarah Brown sometime in the late 1700’s after Joseph purchased Lot 53 of the 4th Division on the side of Winslow Ledge for $129.  Who was right?  Was it a wise investment like Joseph claimed or was Sarah the better judge?  Would this property tear apart the bonds of their marriage or cement them ever tighter?

Come with us up Winslow Ledge on Sunday afternoon, October 22nd at 1pm as we explore the homestead of Joseph and Sarah Brown, and you can decide for yourself who was right.  For most of us, this will entail a healthy uphill hike of about 3/10 mile to the site.  However, for those unable to do the hike, neighbor Brian Rich has graciously offered to drive 8 people up to the site and back in his all-wheel drive vehicle.  You must RSVP if you want the ride as only the first 8 responders can be accommodated.

We’ll meet in the park-and-ride next to Stella’s at 1 and drive from there to the trailhead.  Carpooling is always encouraged but Brian says there’s enough parking on his property for as many cars as necessary.  The expedition is family-friendly, but no animals please.  Estimated time in the woods: 2 hours or so.

For more information or to RSVP for the transportation, please contact Steve Alden below.

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