Community Breakfast Café L♡VE!

“Love” Says it All!

CommunityCare of Lyme has been honored to host five Community Breakfast Cafés — three at the First Baptist Church of Lyme and two at the Lyme Congregational Church — each in its own unique style, coordinated by a different team of volunteers. WOW. We have been graced with extraordinary care, creativity, and culinary skills that have brought together old and new friends in a special way. Guests from just a few weeks young to more than a few decades wise have made their way through below zero temperatures to a warm and welcoming table.

The Next

Community Breakfast Café

will be at the

First Baptist Church of Lyme

Monday, March 7th, 7:30-9:30am.

Please join us!

The February Café at Lyme Congregational Church was a tour-de-force created by Mimi Weinstein and an eager group of volunteers, including Janet Goldberger, Bill and Kathy Waste, Karen Sanders, Dayle Mason, Amy Hayden, Lynn McRae, and Aniko Fejes-Toth. Check out a few photos of the special breakfast:

January’s Café at LCC was a broad team effort, with many cooks providing scrumptious baked dishes: quiches, baked french toast, frittatas, and more. We also had a great setup, serving, and clean up crew, as always. Big thanks to Lisa Celone, Patty Jenks, Dayle Mason, Kathy Sherrieb, Lynn McRae, Lorry Kenton, Fred Schaafsma, and Bill and Kathy Waste. We served over thirty guests and sent several meals home to friends who weren’t able to make the trip out that morning.

Looking back to the November and December breakfasts, both held at the First Baptist Church of Lyme, we’ll share our gratitude through the words of huge supporter Barbara Balch, who helped coordinate both events:

November: A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped make Community Care of Lyme’s second Breakfast Café an overwhelming success. 
Bruce Balch & Polly Gray, Chef’s Extraordinaire, Janet Goodhue, Rita DeGoosh, and Linda Woodward — a multi-talented dedicated kitchen crew — plus Lee Lopez and Liz Whitcomb. And most of all to all the diners that came together over a plate of fabulous food and a hot cup of coffee (or tea as the case may be!) 

December: Very early in the morning, (In the photos below, see super moon setting on Baker Hill and over Adair Mulligans home!) happy chefs and support crew gathered in the First Baptist Church Vestry to prepare breakfast. See pics of some of the kitchen crew!  And what a feast of sounds, smells, and savoriness (yup, it’s a real word!) assaulted the senses of those in attendance. Elders and young folks, oldies and newbies, and everyone in between enjoyed great food, great conversation, and great fellowship. Perfect all the way around. Looking forward to January when we can do it all again! A few more photos of some happy diners… and Mr. and Mrs. Santa’s Helpers!  Thank you, Community Care of Lyme for providing this scrumptious venue for gathering together

Community Breakfast Cafés began humbly and hopefully in October 2017, after a neighbors mentioned that it’s not always fun to have breakfast alone. We are excited by the increasing involvement! Each month we have new guests, as well as new offers to help with some aspect of event.

Please let friends and neighbors know about upcoming breakfasts, and let us know if you’d like to be part of an upcoming hosting team. All are welcome!

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VegiCare 2017

Do you have garden bounty to share?

From the perennially clever and energetic program VegiCare founders …

Hello Lyme Gardeners Great and all!

Thanks to all to the upBEET Lymies who donated  their vegetables last week.

Your generosity  LEAVES us with a HARVEST of gratitude and we are aMAIZEd.

No one can SQUASH the enthusiasm this town has for caring and VegiCare has MUSHROOMED!  Here’s another apPEEL …

WHAT: Drop off produce, herbs on Mondays only from 8-4

WHERE: Horse shed with the “VegiCare” sign

WHEN:  Mondays only, July 17-First Frost (end of September)

WHY:  To promote healthy eating & good nutrition

HOW: Donated vegetables are delivered by our VEGGIE VALETS

Thank you in advance.  We promise to cart your cauliflower, funnel your fennel, escort your escarole, launch your lettuce, run your radishes, channel your chard, take your tomatoes, carry your corn, lug your leeks and tote your tarragon to Lyme neighbors.

If questions CROP UP or you have SAGE advice to share, please call or e-mail Dayle Mason or Mimi Weinstein.

We ROMAINE very truly yours,

Dayle 603-795-4346

Mimi 603-795-2074

Franconia Ridge Loop Hike

Living Life in and around Lyme

This is the first post in a new occasional blog by longtime Lyme resident, Nancy Copeland.

About an hour’s drive north of Lyme NH are the beautiful and majestic White Mountains of NH. Franconia State Park offers an abundance of outdoor summer fun including hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, and scenic nature walks and drives. This past Saturday, a group of Lymies gathered at 6am in town and caravanned north to Franconia State Park and the 9-mile Franconia Ridge Loop hike. This is one of the most scenic above-treeline hikes in New England. It does require some physical stamina and proper hiking gear. We headed up the Bridal Path in the early morning, as the mist was beginning to rise and the summit ridge began to expose itself. Spirits were high as our group of 13 headed up the mountain. About 2-1/2 miles up you will come to the Greenleaf hut and a great place to rest and eat a snack and use the rest room. Then you head the final 1.1 rugged mile to the summit of Mt. Lafayette. There you will be rewarded with 360-degree views of the White Mountains and distance views into Maine and Vermont. Lunch and a nap are a must on top of summer summits. When feeling re-energized you continue South along the Franconia Ridge over the summits of Little Haystack and Lincoln and eventually down The Falling Waters Trail. Be sure to stop along the way and take your hiking boots off and put your weary feet in the sparkling and cold waterfall pools.  With a mix of hiking speeds, about 8-9 hours later you will arrive back at the parking lot and partake in your happy hour feast with friends while consuming margaritas and sangria and guacamole and chips. Lots of laughter and tales of the day abound.

Returning back to Lyme one reminds oneself again and again how lucky we are to live in this beautiful town and all of the outdoors adventures that await us. So grab a friend or family member and your AMC guide book and head up to the White Mountains for the day

“Healing the Body, Healing the Soul”

Aging in Place, Norwich and the Norwich Congregational Church presented “Healing the Body, Healing the Soul: Exploring the Spiritual Dimensions of Health Care”, in memory of Dennis McCullough, MD. Dennis was passionate about community-based care, pioneered the approach of “Slow Medicine”, and was great inspiration for Lyme’s Aging in Place initiative.

The evening’s program featured a reading by Pamela Harrison and a panel discussion with

Rev. Frank Macht, Director of Chaplaincy, DHMC
Dr. Joseph O’Donnell, MD, Geisel School of Medicine
Elizabeth B. McGrath, DNP, APRN, Oncology, DHMC
Moderator: Laurie Harding, MS, RN, Upper Valley Community Nursing Project

A Reception with further conversation and refreshments followed.


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