There is a lot going on in town! We include special shared memories here. Please send us information and photos about events — upcoming or past — and we will be pleased to include them.

Back-to-School Potluck & Kids’ Clothing Swap & Shop

Celebrating Back-to-School on a Beautiful Day

September 9, 2019

What a wonderful time, gathered on the lawn and under the tent behind the Lyme Center Academy Building on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon! Huge thanks to Those Guys for the festive tent and to so many for the wonderful contributions of food (including amazing sweets!). CommunityCare of Lyme is always pleased to host a warm, intergenerational event, sharing a meal and enjoying the outdoors together. The kids had a fabulous time enjoying the comfortable freedom of free, fun time together.

The PTO received lots of donations and put together a well-stocked kids’ clothing and accessories shop. There were many happy faces on both parents and children who had picked out special new clothes, shoes, and other special treasures.

Check out some photos of the day, below!

Happy Fall to All!

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Lawn Party Luncheon

A Gathering by the River

What a fabulous afternoon, sharing lunch with over 60 friends and neighbors of all ages, from Lyme, Orford, and beyond! It was such a happy mix of guests, enjoying conversation and good food together — just a joy to be a part of!

There are so many people to thank, starting with the organizing team of Chris Bunten, Priscilla LaMott, and Martha Tecca. That was a big job, and great work to involve lots of others:

Mark and Martha Teccas’ spot by the river was a gorgeous setting for a relaxing meal. Those Guys of Lyme provided the tent — a generous contribution, on a steamy hot day for the set-up and a race against the coming storm to take down the tent so it could be transferred to the Lyme Common for the Prouty SAG stop. The Orford-Fairlee Lions provided tables and chairs, and they also moved the equipment to host a Prouty SAG stop, in Fairlee. Cammie Wheeler graced all the tables with lovely flower arrangements. Mark Berger helped guests with parking.

The meal was a combined effort. The starter was Martha’s beautiful green minty pea soup. Speaking of beautiful greens, Chris and Priscilla made a salad with incredible heads of lettuce donated by Peaked Moon Farm, picked just hours before the lunch. Martha and Lee Lopez made a variety of frittatas — something for everyone. The Orford Senior Center shared Willing Hands vegetable bounty for the frittatas. Hannaford in Bradford donated watermelons. Several bakers provided a mix of breads and a tempting selection of sweet treats. Bakers included Chris, Priscilla, Kathy Sherrieb, Ann Green, Jude Parker, Susan Musty, Lee Lopez, Helen Oliver, and Abbe Murphy. Tony Patterson provided ice for the event. The Lyme Congregational Church lent hospitality supplies. We were also able to deliver 20 meals to neighbors who weren’t able to join us, as well as share some love in the form of food and flowers with the staff at Alice Peck Day who have been taking good care of a Lyme friend.

Set up, serving, and clean up helpers included Susan Musty, Beth Taylor, Lee Lopez, Lynn McRae, Patty Jenks, Kathy Sherrieb, Teri Hontas, Dianne Stanley, Chris, Priscilla, and many guests who pitched in. There was a virtual swarm of smiling people removing the tables and chairs as the weather was threatening after the meal. What a community!

We are so very grateful to all who attended and all who helped for the joyous and uplifting day.

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Standing Together for our Future

Lyme School and wider community gather on the one month anniversary of Parkland.

An invitation to come together

At Town Meeting on Tuesday, Principal Jeff Valence invited the whole community to join in a special assembly at the school today Wednesday, March 14, at 10am, in memory of the lives lost in Parkland. This date and time was organized by youth across the country as a “school walkout” day. However, Principal Valence, with eloquence and passion we so respect, proposed and conducted something different. Here are some of the words he shared at Town Meeting:

“…Rather than this day being an act of defiance, which it may have to be in some communities, I believe it can provide us a symbol of our common goals. My hope is to invite you to join me in front of the school from 10:00 – 10:17, where we can affirm to one another that our community fosters understanding and befriends the isolated.  That we can civilly debate our differences and own our responsibilities, and, above all else, protect those that are vulnerable in a manner in which we can all feel safe- again.

This assembly is neither a protest nor a rally, it is not about politics, or amendments, it is about commitments – commitments to ourselves, to our neighbors and their children and to all those who are alone or need our support. It is Lyme stating to those that learn each day in our schools or gather in any community space, we are committed to civility and our responsibility to care for the well-being of others.

Please join me, please convince me and all that bear witness, that our fears do not define what we expect of one another — that actions resulting from our lesser selves can be overcome by the will of our better selves. That the shadow cast by often overwhelming fear will retreat in the presence of compassion, civility and care for one’s fellow man and woman. I ask you to be a symbol that strengthens our faith that we can all become the person we aspire to be.”

His entire message of invitation can be read here.

A meaningful gathering

A broad mix of community members joined the assembly this snowy morning. The program began with a moment of silence and the ringing of the school bell 17 times in memory of the lives lost in Parkland. Jeff Valence spoke with compassion and hope, using a mirror to remind us all of where both the sadness and the responsibility lie for creating healthy communities and safer schools. Our own hands and our own hearts are our tools to become the strong, caring community to which we aspire. After the principal’s remarks, Lyme 8th grader, Dylan Hendricks, offered a courageous plea for thoughtfulness about the role of guns.

The assembly was inspiring; and the community discussion continues, in Lyme and beyond. May we listen well and open our hearts and minds to one another, as we seek solutions to the complex challenges we face together.

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Community Breakfast Café L♡VE!

“Love” Says it All!

CommunityCare of Lyme has been honored to host five Community Breakfast Cafés — three at the First Baptist Church of Lyme and two at the Lyme Congregational Church — each in its own unique style, coordinated by a different team of volunteers. WOW. We have been graced with extraordinary care, creativity, and culinary skills that have brought together old and new friends in a special way. Guests from just a few weeks young to more than a few decades wise have made their way through below zero temperatures to a warm and welcoming table.

The Next

Community Breakfast Café

will be at the

First Baptist Church of Lyme

Monday, March 7th, 7:30-9:30am.

Please join us!

The February Café at Lyme Congregational Church was a tour-de-force created by Mimi Weinstein and an eager group of volunteers, including Janet Goldberger, Bill and Kathy Waste, Karen Sanders, Dayle Mason, Amy Hayden, Lynn McRae, and Aniko Fejes-Toth. Check out a few photos of the special breakfast:

January’s Café at LCC was a broad team effort, with many cooks providing scrumptious baked dishes: quiches, baked french toast, frittatas, and more. We also had a great setup, serving, and clean up crew, as always. Big thanks to Lisa Celone, Patty Jenks, Dayle Mason, Kathy Sherrieb, Lynn McRae, Lorry Kenton, Fred Schaafsma, and Bill and Kathy Waste. We served over thirty guests and sent several meals home to friends who weren’t able to make the trip out that morning.

Looking back to the November and December breakfasts, both held at the First Baptist Church of Lyme, we’ll share our gratitude through the words of huge supporter Barbara Balch, who helped coordinate both events:

November: A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped make Community Care of Lyme’s second Breakfast Café an overwhelming success. 
Bruce Balch & Polly Gray, Chef’s Extraordinaire, Janet Goodhue, Rita DeGoosh, and Linda Woodward — a multi-talented dedicated kitchen crew — plus Lee Lopez and Liz Whitcomb. And most of all to all the diners that came together over a plate of fabulous food and a hot cup of coffee (or tea as the case may be!) 

December: Very early in the morning, (In the photos below, see super moon setting on Baker Hill and over Adair Mulligans home!) happy chefs and support crew gathered in the First Baptist Church Vestry to prepare breakfast. See pics of some of the kitchen crew!  And what a feast of sounds, smells, and savoriness (yup, it’s a real word!) assaulted the senses of those in attendance. Elders and young folks, oldies and newbies, and everyone in between enjoyed great food, great conversation, and great fellowship. Perfect all the way around. Looking forward to January when we can do it all again! A few more photos of some happy diners… and Mr. and Mrs. Santa’s Helpers!  Thank you, Community Care of Lyme for providing this scrumptious venue for gathering together

Community Breakfast Cafés began humbly and hopefully in October 2017, after a neighbors mentioned that it’s not always fun to have breakfast alone. We are excited by the increasing involvement! Each month we have new guests, as well as new offers to help with some aspect of event.

Please let friends and neighbors know about upcoming breakfasts, and let us know if you’d like to be part of an upcoming hosting team. All are welcome!

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Atul Gawande Simulcast on Community and Choice

CommunityCare of Lyme is pleased to host a “watch party” and conversation at the Lyme Congregational Church on September 25th. Please note the new location, increasing the capacity for the event.

Dr. Atul Gawande, author of Being Mortal, will speak on “The Value of Community and Choice as We Grow Older” in Boston to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of Beacon Hill Village.

Doors will open at 4:30pm and the simulcast program will run 5-6pm. Conversation and refreshments will follow.

The Village to Village Network is sponsoring the program, and Caldwell Law is supporting refreshments. There will be no charge to attend. Donations will be gratefully accepted to cover ongoing programming.


Click here for the full event listing.

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Stuffy Sleepover!

Lyme’s own Converse Free Library hosted another fabulous Stuffie Sleepover, July 12-13. 36 stuffies came to play, and they had quite a party!

Click on the link to check out the slideshow of the event …

A few fun photos of the evening:

We love our library!

What a great place for kids, grown-ups of all ages, and even stuffies to spend quality time this summer.  Click here for the library’s website to see all the latest.


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Sean King in the House

Sean King in the House!

A guest blog by James Graham

My family and I were excited to meet and break bread with New York Daily News reporter and civil rights activist Shaun King last Friday at the Richard Anthony Risio Center for Play and Practice in Thetford. Former Lyme resident, Carolyn Bardos, who runs the center, invited Shaun King to give the talk that took place at Thetford Academy. She also invited me to play music along with my son Ramon, Tuck Stocking, Thomas Chapin, and Maria Squire. We were all invited to a potluck after the event where we met Shaun King’s beautiful family and enjoyed stimulating discussion amidst the joyful din of children unleashed.

The author, Maria Squire, Tuck Stocking, Thomas Chapin, and Ramon Graham perform before Shaun King’s talk in Thetford.

Shaun King is an important civil rights leader of our time. His main focus is police brutality in America. This issue, though seemingly of  little or no relevance to us in Lyme, is one that has dire affects on families all across America. In his talk, Mr. King laid out some of the statistics that show we are are actually in a crisis with regard to the number of unarmed citizens that are killed by police every year. He pointedly called upon those of us who live in areas with a largely progressive culture to do our part to effect change locally that will benefit all Americans.

What impresses me most about Shaun King is his wisdom and compassion combined with his fierce activism. He courageously speaks the truths that are often difficult for us to hear, yet is always careful to avow his deep respect for good policing and his love and compassion even for the people he disagrees with.

At a time when many of us are bewildered by the events in Washington D.C. and the news we hear from around the country, I hope you get a chance to hear what Shaun King has to say.

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Summer Free for All Concert Series

Living Life in and around Lyme

Nancy Copeland’s Guest Blog

Grab your friends and a summer picnic and a little wine and dancin’ shoes, and come to the Dartmouth Green for three free summer concerts! On July 5th, the Corey Ledet Creole/Zydeco Band from Louisiana played while the crowd danced the evening away. The green fills up with families and kids and friends of all ages.

Coming up:
Wednesday, July 26th – Septeto Santiguero, Cuban/Latin band
Wednesday, August 29th – Rocky Dawuni, Ghana-born artist with Reggae anthems

The Hanover Farmers Market sells some great local farm foods as well.

So mark your calendars for some high energy summer fun!

4th of July Thank You

I don’t quite know where to start. Someone asked me why we don’t have our holiday celebrations on the holiday…..the answer is complicated, but this year the 4th on the 4th would have been much better weather-wise! What a beautiful day.
What was intended to be a continuing successful celebration on the 1st  proved to be a challenge in any number of ways.  The end result of the Lyme Independence Day Celebration, though, was a blend of fun, astonishment, resourcefulness … and acknowledgement that sometimes the best laid plans just get screwed up!

The Independence Day Committee extends it’s sincere (and I truly do mean SINCERE) appreciation to everyone who pitched in.

There are innumerable people and entities who deserve our sincerest thanks.  This particular event saw the helping hands of many and I don’t even know for sure who they all were!  What I do know is this: We are truly blessed with the willingness and creative ways many people came together to help in any number of ways through an unanticipated ordeal. Forgive me please if I have inadvertently missed someone for this list. And feel free to respond in the comments with any accolades I should have included!

It’s no overstatement to say we could not have done this without your help …
  • To the Lyme Congregational Church, who literally opened its collective doors from daylight to dark to enable safe shelter and dining, lending tables, chairs, facility and food. May these plentiful blessings come back to you tenfold.
  • To Those Guys, who seemed to be everywhere doing everything all at once. There are no words … Our Sincere appreciation.
  • To Dowds’ Country Inn, who donated tables and cloths, lemonade, containers and who knows what else. THANK YOU.
  • To the Hanover Food Coop and Cuttings Northside Café for the Bill Ackerly memorial ICE CREAM Giveaway and to Curtis Shepard for donation and delivery of the freezer to keep the ice cream frozen! Bill’s spirit of love and community fills the air. Thank you.
  • To Berway Farm for gallons of fresh Berway Farm milk (including chocolate!!), donated along with the generous use of their refrigerated trailer.
  • To Jeff Snelling & crew for braving the elements as they roasted the pig and doled out the BBQ!!!!! You are heroes! And wow, was that yummy
  • To my girls: Katie Jenks, Holly Lewis, and Emilie and Olivia Taylor, for helping to prepare mountains of berries and cole slaw and for help all day in setting up and serving the meal. Wow.
  • To the bands who got rained on, rained out, relocated and pitched into darkness several times … Thank You so much for your good nature and willingness to carry on through the worst of it.
  • To those who organized and prepared for children’s activities, the parade, and patriotic singing and recitations. Your work filled the town with spirit, even though the weather did not allow us to experience your hard work.
  • To ALL THE VOLUNTEERS — many of whom I do not know — who jumped into action setting up, breaking down and being helpful in any number of critical ways. Many, many thanks.
  • To Anthony Casale, Lyme’s Police Officer, who agreed to spend part of his weekend away from the Police Academy, working a “peaceful parade”.  So sorry Anthony!  Please know your help, attitude and resourcefulness did not go unnoticed and your involvement was deeply appreciated.
  • To Emi and Kevin Gray, the Teccas and others who provided lanterns to get us through the darkness at dinner. THANK YOU!
  • To Lyme’s Emergency Services and Highway Department who monitored the weather situation and sent us home before it became too dangerous.  Thank You for watching out for us.
  • To Lyme Fire & FAST Squads who had challenges over and above the usual filling of the dunk tank and traffic control. Their day started early and didn’t end…seguing into Sunday as they dealt with the storm and subsequent damages–we are so blessed to have you. Thank you is not adequate.
Last, and with regret, because I don’t know who you all are, I extend deep appreciation to anyone involved in pulling off this very peculiar event, to those who braved the miserable elements to attend, and to those who tried & couldn’t get there because of the road damages. Let’s hope the festival next year isn’t quite so challenged!

I know I speak for all the IDC members when I say loudly and with great love, thank you to our family and friends who made themselves available to do whatever was needed, from start to finish. That list is way too long for here!

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

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