CCL gathers project needs from neighbors and community organizations and helps match volunteers to jobs. In May, we do it on Green Up Day, helping to organize that huge effort.

Lyme’s Day of Service

Fabulous Turnout for Lyme’s Day of Service!

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, over 200 people participated in Lyme’s fourth annual Day of Service.Day of Service

We started the day with 125 guests at our community breakfast at The Lyme School. Wow! Thanks so much to Jeff Valence and Tami Dowd. There was quite a buzz as everyone prepared for what proved to be a productive and fun event. The weather cooperated: There was a break from the rain, which was a relief, and even a few moments of sun. With temps in the 50s, conditions were perfect for getting out and getting the work done!

Individuals, families, and service groups (including Those Guys and a 4H team), turned up: 90 volunteers helped with all kinds of projects, and over 140 people greened up roads.  Many volunteers worked on more than one project or road. Both volunteers and service recipients looked forward to the big day, with some volunteers going back to help the same friends they had met during a previous year’s Day of Service.

The organizing team of Sue Hanlon, Kathy McGowan, Lynn McRae and Erin Wetherell did an incredible job!! If you see them, please congratulate them and thank them for sharing their love and energy to involve us all. Erin, who grew up in Lyme, offered, “My favorite part of the Day of Service is folks coming together for good– and for “good” in whatever way feels best for them. Whether it’s washing dishes at the community breakfast, greening up a patch of road, or raking leaves for a senior, the town comes together in the spirit of connection and community, and that fuels me and connects me to my roots.”

By Saturday afternoon, we had run into several people who were delighted with the day. Said one happy Lyme resident: “I had four doctors at my house! They did an amazing job—even more than I had hoped.”

Here are just a few moments that made us smile:

On Saturday morning, we received an email from Hanover High student Jack Lynch, hoping he wasn’t too late to help out. Thanks to some cell coverage luck, we were able to match him up with a team, and he jumped right in. After the event, he wrote: “Thank you very much for organizing the Day of Service, days like that make me want to stay in Lyme forever.”

A four-family raking party (Gartners, Princes, Voegeles, and Tadlocks) came together to take on a big job at a very appreciative neighbor’s home.

Celeste and Walter Wetherell cleaned up the shore of Post Pond via Canoe, as they have every year.

Jay Davis, who participates in the Day of Service with his family every year, said, “We again so appreciated the opportunity to connect with elder members of our community.  Always a great source of perspective, including a nonagenarian allowing as how he might need to eventually move away from cutting his own wood…”.

Susan Musty, a neighbor who was recovering from a broken wrist, received help from Nancy and Mant Copeland and Theresa Mundy. “It was a joy to work with my group of volunteers, who stacked wood and got the sand and gravel off the grass back on the road edge,” she said. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the tip of my hands.”

Nancy: “We had such a lovely time. Susan had chocolates and drinks for us for a little break. We left with a bouquet of fresh picked daffodils and several new perennial transplants. It was so neat that we helped her and then we left with plant and flower clippings from her yard to ours.”

It really was a special day! Check out the photos below.

If you have more photos or more stories to share, please contact us at 603-795-0603.

May 2017 Day of Service

Wow, Lyme! You know how to show up. Saturday, May 6th, 2017 is a day to remember.

Jeff Valence and Tami Dowd put on an extraordinary breakfast of eggs, french toast, sausage, and bacon, with maple syrup provided by Kingland Farms. Many volunteers were on-site bright and early to set up and clean up.

Workers hit the road under not-so-nice skies that cleared by late morning.

  • Almost 100 volunteers spread out to Green Up nearly every road in Lyme.
  • 60 women, men, and children volunteered to help with over 30 projects requested by Lyme neighbors and community organizations.
  • In memory of Al Hewitt, 10 Guys chopped and delivered several cords of wood to warm hearts and (come wintertime) homes of grateful individuals and families.

Sue Hanlon, Kathy McGowan, Sarah Shipton, and Erin Wetherell coordinated the project requests, volunteer matching, and electronic sign-ups. If you see any of these ladies, please thank them for their masterful work. Erin said,

The spring Day of Service is a wonderful way to begin the month of May and give back to a community that gave so much to me when I was growing up. I really enjoy the opportunity to bring residents of all ages together in the name of service, and to meet new people as well as re-connect with people that knew me when I was young. Any town that serves real maple syrup with breakfast is a special one.

The recipients of service also had a special day. Patty received the following in a note on Sunday:

I was so happy yesterday.  When the weather was so miserable I didn’t think anyone would come.  Around 10 the volunteers showed up.  I smiled to myself when they were both wearing boots!  I thought they were only going to rake a small section of my garden but they kept going and going … In all my 85 years I have never lived in an area where the community is so knit together and willing to help others like me.  Yes, we could pay to have these things done but that isn’t always available to those of us with limited income.

If you were one of the more than 150 volunteers who joined in the work and fun on Saturday, THANK YOU! If you missed out this year, we hope you’ll be with us next time.

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