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Happy New Year!

Let’s get to know each other better and share even more kindness and love in 2020.

National news and local experience make it clear: we are facing challenging, and in many ways extreme, times, around the world and even here in Lyme. Highs are very high and lows are very low. Most of us experience a little of both, and some seem to get more than their fair share of one end of that spectrum.

It is daunting, to say the least, that much of what we face seems so big and complicated: healthcare, education, our government, the environment, the economy … and, yes, peace at home and around the world. Certainly, we need a lot from our leaders and our systems. But each of us also also has much to contribute, especially if we listen to one another and work together, doing the best we can with what we have. Strong and connected, we care, protect and heal; listen, learn and grow; share, love and prosper; as individuals and as a community. We have a lot of “great” here in Lyme, and with that great we have the power to keep doing!

CommunityCare of Lyme enters 2020 full of hope, gratitude, and the commitment that we are here for you. Together, each and everyone in the Lyme community can experience the wellbeing we desire and shine our best light so that others can too.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, filled with comfort and peace. 

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Kindness Calendar for December – Let’s Do It!

If you follow social media, you may find lots of suggestions for calendars that list small acts of kindness that can make a big impact. Here’s one we like. It’s from actionforhappiness.org, growing a movement based on the fact that happiness is contagious.

We also invite you to venture to the Lyme Common and visit the CommunityCare of Lyme “Hugs for the Holidays” tree, adorned with ribbons that list kind acts you can share with friends and neighbors.

And join in the many opportunities to gather during the next several weeks in Lyme. You can print out the Lyme Holiday Events Flyer for off-line reference.

Join the movement for a happier and kinder world.

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Back-to-School Potluck & Kids’ Clothing Swap & Shop

Celebrating Back-to-School on a Beautiful Day

September 9, 2019

What a wonderful time, gathered on the lawn and under the tent behind the Lyme Center Academy Building on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon! Huge thanks to Those Guys for the festive tent and to so many for the wonderful contributions of food (including amazing sweets!). CommunityCare of Lyme is always pleased to host a warm, intergenerational event, sharing a meal and enjoying the outdoors together. The kids had a fabulous time enjoying the comfortable freedom of free, fun time together.

The PTO received lots of donations and put together a well-stocked kids’ clothing and accessories shop. There were many happy faces on both parents and children who had picked out special new clothes, shoes, and other special treasures.

Check out some photos of the day, below!

Happy Fall to All!

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Lawn Party Luncheon

A Gathering by the River

What a fabulous afternoon, sharing lunch with over 60 friends and neighbors of all ages, from Lyme, Orford, and beyond! It was such a happy mix of guests, enjoying conversation and good food together — just a joy to be a part of!

There are so many people to thank, starting with the organizing team of Chris Bunten, Priscilla LaMott, and Martha Tecca. That was a big job, and great work to involve lots of others:

Mark and Martha Teccas’ spot by the river was a gorgeous setting for a relaxing meal. Those Guys of Lyme provided the tent — a generous contribution, on a steamy hot day for the set-up and a race against the coming storm to take down the tent so it could be transferred to the Lyme Common for the Prouty SAG stop. The Orford-Fairlee Lions provided tables and chairs, and they also moved the equipment to host a Prouty SAG stop, in Fairlee. Cammie Wheeler graced all the tables with lovely flower arrangements. Mark Berger helped guests with parking.

The meal was a combined effort. The starter was Martha’s beautiful green minty pea soup. Speaking of beautiful greens, Chris and Priscilla made a salad with incredible heads of lettuce donated by Peaked Moon Farm, picked just hours before the lunch. Martha and Lee Lopez made a variety of frittatas — something for everyone. The Orford Senior Center shared Willing Hands vegetable bounty for the frittatas. Hannaford in Bradford donated watermelons. Several bakers provided a mix of breads and a tempting selection of sweet treats. Bakers included Chris, Priscilla, Kathy Sherrieb, Ann Green, Jude Parker, Susan Musty, Lee Lopez, Helen Oliver, and Abbe Murphy. Tony Patterson provided ice for the event. The Lyme Congregational Church lent hospitality supplies. We were also able to deliver 20 meals to neighbors who weren’t able to join us, as well as share some love in the form of food and flowers with the staff at Alice Peck Day who have been taking good care of a Lyme friend.

Set up, serving, and clean up helpers included Susan Musty, Beth Taylor, Lee Lopez, Lynn McRae, Patty Jenks, Kathy Sherrieb, Teri Hontas, Dianne Stanley, Chris, Priscilla, and many guests who pitched in. There was a virtual swarm of smiling people removing the tables and chairs as the weather was threatening after the meal. What a community!

We are so very grateful to all who attended and all who helped for the joyous and uplifting day.

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Announcing The CCL Jenks Fund

The CCL Jenks Fund

The CommunityCare of Lyme Board of Directors is pleased to announce the establishment of the CCL Jenks Fund, in memory of Jim Jenks and Ethan Jenks, and in honor of Patty Jenks. The fund, inspired by the kind and generous spirits of Jim and Ethan, will enable CCL’s Director, currently Patty, to provide small amounts of financial support to address urgent needs of individuals and familiesPayments will not be made directly to individuals.

Donations may be made online or directly to the CCL Jenks Fund by cash or check delivered to the CCL offices or mailed to PO Box 127, Lyme, NH. 

James Lee Jenks (1952-2019)

Ethan Sherman Thomas Jenks (1992-2019)

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Remembering Ethan Jenks

Ethan Sherman Thomas Jenks (1992-2019)

Lyme – and the many communities that were fortunate to be home to Ethan – lost a special son in March. A warm-hearted friend, talented musician and chef, and loving son, he will be dearly missed. His obituary in the Valley News tells Ethan’s story.

Our hearts go out to all of Ethan’s family and loved ones, especially his mother, Sherman Phillips.

CommunityCare of Lyme is delighted to honor Ethan’s warm and generous spirit with the creation of The CCL Jenks Fund to help neighbors in need.

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CCL Monthly Update

May 17, 2019

It’s been a busy month!

Day of ServiceWe had an amazing turnout for Lyme’s fourth annual Day of Service on Saturday, May 4th! Over 200 volunteers showed up to help our neighbors and green up roads.

Thank you so much for the generosity of your service! We are also very grateful for the trust neighbors have shown in reaching out for help. We all need it sometimes, and it is a gift to have the opportunity to help a friend.

We’d like to give a special thanks to

  • the Day of Service organizing team (Sue Hanlon, Kathy McGowan, Lynn McRae, and Erin Wetherell),
  • Sarah Shipton and the Parish Nurses, Kari Allen and Sharon Morgan, who helped reach out to community members who could use a hand, and
  • Jeff Valence and Tami Dowd, who provided and cooked the fabulous breakfast, and the Lyme Country Store for milk and cream.

Click here to read the full story, and see pictures from the Day of Service.

Upcoming Events:

CCL Office Hours Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons at the CCL Living Room

Connect with Us. Or just enjoy our comfortable living room. We are eager to answer your questions and hear your suggestions. On Tuesdays, the Parish Nurses have hours, and Stephanie Carney offers Reiki after her yoga class. There is a lot going on in the office! Click here for details

Lyme Knits 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month, 6:30-8:30pm at the CCL Living Room

A relaxing evening of knitting…learn about it, teach it or just do it! As of now we are meeting on the second and fourth Thursday of every month. Do check the calendar for changes in schedule.

Community Breakfast Café Monday, June 3rd 7:30-9:30am at the Lyme Center Vestry

Join us for breakfast! All are welcome. It’s a collaborative effort among neighbors, and a chance to enjoy warm company and wonderful food together … a perfect way to start the week! Chef Bruce Balch and friends will be back to serve up a fabulous breakfast! There is no charge for the meal. Donations are gratefully accepted to defray the costs of future meals. If you or someone you know could use a ride, please call 603-795-0603. Click here for details

If you’d like to host or help with a future Community Breakfast Café, please contact teri@cclyme.org or 603-795-0603.

“Our Hour” June 11th at 11:30am at the CCL Living Room

This is time set aside for those who just want an hour of simple time with friends. Please join us for a good visit and snacks, blended with laughter and relaxing. Click here for more information.

SAVE THE DATE! Back to School Pot Luck and Kids’ Clothing Swap & Shop Sunday, September 8th 4-7pm at the Lyme Center Academy Building

You are warmly invited to join CommunityCare of Lyme and the Lyme School PTO on the Academy Building beautiful back lawn for a warm, intergenerational Pot Luck, plus a chance to get some great kids’ clothing at bargain prices (even free!). Come share a meal, meet new friends, watch the kids play, and relax on a Sunday afternoon as the school schedule picks up. More details to come!

We are Here for You.

CCL just wants to be helpful. Whether it’s arranging a ride, a meal, some financial assistance, some medical support or getting some housework done, we work in conjunction with all the agencies and organizations in town designed to provide these services. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, if it’s important to the person needing help, it’s important to us.

CCL is a growing group of volunteer leaders with a small paid staff. Our work includes individual service and activities that get the community involved, through coordination, communication, education, training, and opportunities to gather. Our annual operating budget is funded by generous souls who support the mission of community caring and support. Growing our base of financial support in the community is an ongoing need to sustain our work. We greatly appreciate your support, and we always welcome your donations.

Always, we aim to empower all contributors — of time, ideas, money, or just trust — to realize ownership. CCL is yours. Your voice is welcomed, your ideas critical. Stop by our office hours, or you can submit this form, call us at 795-0603, send us an email, mail us a note, post on our Facebook page, catch us in town, or schedule a time for a chat. We are here for you.

Have a Happy Healthy Month! Enjoy the last weeks of the school year.

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Lyme Memories – the Skiway

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep…”

Guest Blog by Barbara Balch, as shared in the Lyme Community and Church newsletter November/December 2018

I thought of this line often as I rode up and down the trails at the Dartmouth Skiway beside my husband as he groomed the slopes, repairing and preparing them for morning and the first run skier. The groomer was nothing like the large fancy groomers you see today – it always astonished me that such a small, drafty and noisy machine left beautiful white ribbons flowing down the mountain in its wake as we chugged along, uphill and down. If the night was clear and cold the snow sparkled in the headlights, and the moon and stars sparkled above. A stormy night brought swirling flakes that often built up on the windshield faster than the wipers could disperse them, and we would stop, get out, clamber around on the huge slippery tracks that carried and propelled the small cab and roller, and “hand wash” the windshield. The wildlife was amazing – bucks, does, fox, bobcats, snowshoe hares, an occasional porcupine, coyotes, and if we were lucky, a barred owl might glide by.

For close to 20 winters I worked part-time at the Skiway, selling tickets. In those early days we “made-do,” not only by circumstance – that is, a small work force – but also by a very primal need to keep warm! Tickets were sold out of a drafty booth at the base of the Poma Lift with nothing but a small and inadequate heater to keep the often -20° temperatures more or less at bay. Other folks, Skiway crew and skiers alike piled in with me and body heat added to what little warmth the heater provided kept us warm. There wasn’t room in the booth for more than 2-3 others besides myself, depending on their size, and people tended to rotate in and out through the day. That didn’t work out so well for me as every time the door opened, I lost what heat there was! I loved the Poma! It kept my feet on the ground and the decision to remove that and replace it with a chairlift did not excite me anywhere near as much as it did the rest of the Skiway Crew. I am not a fan of hanging up in the air and looking down at the ground. I rode the Poma easily and could never understand why folks had so much trouble with it. Stand up, hold tight and don’t sit down…easy-peasy. I never once fell off it. Never did fall out of a chair either, but every time I took a deep breath and loaded on one, I was always pretty darn sure I would! It was along about that time that I heard ice-skating and cross-country skiing calling me. I met many people, from Lyme, and from surrounding communities. I knew them, their kids, sometimes their grand-kids! I worked with a wonderful crew, and truth be told, much of it was made up of my family- father-in-law, husband, kids, cousins, you name it, I pretty much had them all around me – how many folks can say that nowadays of their workplace? It was a very special time in Lyme and I am so grateful for it. But I think that this writing was intended to be more about Lyme, and less about me. Lyme embraced the Skiway in those years. Lyme kids, grade school were welcomed, free of charge to ski and take ski lessons through the Lyme School Ski Program. Equipment was found for those who needed it. Transportation to the Skiway and back was provided. Hot chocolate and snacks were provided. Dry mittens were found. Lost a ski pole? No problem, another of just the right height magically appeared. Often it seemed that every single kid in Lyme came to ski on the weekend. Grade school and high school age, lining up at the ticket booth before I opened, milling around in front of the booth after the lifts closed waiting for their ride. And you know what- I knew all their names. There were kids from other places of course- and I knew a lot of them, too. In later years the ticket booth was moved over to sit beside the Lodge, and the first aid room was right next door. If no ski patrol were manning it, kids and adults alike knew I was always available for a Band-Aid, or a couple of tissues, and/or a phone call if necessary. It was, and is still, a good feeling to know folks were comfortable in the asking.

But what makes me feel the best? Remembering the face of Holts, at the end of the day. Four skiers tipping down over the lip from Lyme Drop, carving perfect S turns on the steep slope side by side, graceful and beautiful all, pulling into a line, and gliding up to the lift to load once more for the last run. Four skiers, four kids- mine. Lyme gave them and me that opportunity, and for that I will be forever grateful. The memories I hold of those days warm my heart on the long dark winter evenings we all experience before the breaking of spring, and new beginnings.

Lyme has been good to me in many ways. I like to think that in some small way I have been good for Lyme….

Editor’s note: Barbara Balch has been good for Lyme in so many ways!!

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Tree Decorating Day

All Hands on Dec-orating!

It was a beautiful, sunny early winter day on the Lyme Common, as dozens of families and friends decorated many of the trees that will be part of the December 1st Tree Festival, the grand community event created by The Utility Club to fund scholarships for Lyme college students.

CommunityCare of Lyme was pleased to provide a lunch of soup, chili, warm drinks and sweet treats, with the help of several generous cooks and bakers.

It was a fun day, and a great way to spread the work — and cheer — across two weekends!

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Support an important cause! Hygiene 4 the Homeless

Hygiene 4 the Homeless

A guest blog by graduating Lyme 8th graders: Mary Cook, Juliet Kelly, Iris Levey, Elsa Bolinger, Una DiGeorge, and Dylan Wilcox

Can you imagine experiencing a normal bodily function as a threat to your dignity or having to choose between personal hygiene and a meal? 

No one should have to endure living this way.

For homeless women, menstruation is an enormous challenge. By joining hands and raising our voices, we can create much-needed change in this world.

As a final project for our eighth grade health class at the Lyme School, six of us created an organization called Hygiene 4 the Homeless (H4H), to raise awareness about the struggles that homeless women face dealing with menstruation, and the potential dangers that can arise when feminine hygiene products are not readily available. In creating Hygiene 4 the Homeless, we are fundraising and collecting supplies to deliver to local homeless shelters and women in need, and as a whole, educating the public about this little-known – but very important – issue.

How to Donate:

We accept monetary donations as well as donations of products, such as pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and more.

There is a collection box in the lobby of the Lyme School  through the month of June, so if you have any extra boxes of pads, tampons, or other hygiene products that you are willing to donate, we would welcome your contributions.

Look out for donation jars in several businesses throughout Lyme as well  – your spare change could make a difference in someone’s life.

You can also donate online through GoFundMe (click here)Most boxes of products cost over $4. Just by donating this amount, you can help to support homeless women.

For More Information:

Email us with any questions at teenscenehealth@gmail.com or visit our website (click here)

Thank you for your time, and we hope you’ll consider helping this important cause.

We are stronger together.

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