Change of operations for the Lyme Transfer Station

We are pleased to announce a change of operations for the Lyme Transfer Station as of Wednesday, August 1st, 2018. Collection times will remain as they are currently, but the Transfer Station will operate on Saturday from 8:30-11:00 AM instead of Sunday. Wednesday summer hours remain 4-6 PM. Casella Waste Management will be our new provider utilizing their Zero-Sort process for recycling. The primary business drivers for this change are improved ergonomics for residents, improved percentage of materials recycled, and improved traffic flow within the Highway department work area. This new process will be in a trial period through August.

What’s the new process?

  • Drive into Transfer Station as before and stop at the Casella Trash Truck, a Casella worker will take your trash in either Lyme green bags or $3 punch per bag. If you have C&D you should help the Casella operator unload into their truck. Large C&D haulers should pull off to the side of the Casella truck and work your C&D into the Casella truck as traffic allows. You will present your punch card at this time.(Reminder the Transfer Station does not accept cash at any time)
  • Pull around to Matt’s station as before, but now the green compactor will be our Zero-Sort area instead of trash. All clean paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, and glass can be tossed at this station with Matt assisting. Once again if you have a large Zero-Sort load, please pull off the side to allow others to drive up to the Zero-Sort compactor and work your recycling into the green compactor as traffic allows. Please have all recycled material loose. (do not put them into zero sort in a bag)
  • If you have only 1-2 trash bags, no C&D, and one box or container of Zero-Sort you most likely will not have to leave your vehicle as our workers can gather your items. Once you have paid with your card or green bag for your trash and C&D, you are free to drive straight out of the Transfer Station.
  • Once unloaded you are free to drive over to the deposit bottle area or metal recycle bin as needed.

What are the benefits?

  • Ergonomics will be improved with the reduced utilization of the large recycle bins and stairs.
  • A higher percentage of material will be recycled than in the past due to the efficiency offered by Casella and their Zero-Sort capability.
  • Traffic flow will improve significantly with reduced parking and backing of vehicles and, in turn, improve access for Highway Deptartment vehicles during winter operations.

We look forward to this change and are looking for your support. Any suggestions for improvement can be emailed to Matt at


Sue, Rusty, Kevin and Matt