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Jack Elliot
Works with various technological services inculding home theater, audio equipment, home and lighting controls, and home networking.
(603) 795-2447
(603) 306-2840
(603) 795-0200
Harvey Brotman
(603) 795-4545
Heather Vitella
(774) 277-1308
Adam Bristol
Provides technical assistance with network performance, cyber-security, phone/VoIP/access control systems, and security cams.
(603) 353-4040
Works with custom furniture. Also, a retired Verizon technician.
(603) 795-4346
(603) 660-1335
Provides work on, troubleshooting, and lessons on Macs, iPads, and PCs.
(603) 795-4666
Robin Strout Cushman
(603) 790-0197
Robin Taylor
Provides media conversion from VHS cassette to DVD and 35mm slide scans to digital.
(603) 795-2171
(603) 252-1620

We are excited to introduce this new resource*! Feedback, corrections, and additions are welcome. All listings have been recommended by local residents or have referred themselves. CCL updates the list as a community service, but we do not endorse any particular contractors. A printable version will be updated periodically. For additions or corrections, contact us.

*The Lyme Contractor and Service Providers listing that is the basis of this directory was initiated by Lyme neighbor, Jess Lahey. For years, she updated and shared the listing, based on listserv posts about individuals and local businesses serving Lyme residents. Thank you, Jess!