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General Information: Darlene Gautreau
Crossroads Academy is an independent, coeducational day school committed to academic excellence and moral integrity. We inspire our students to love learning, act honorably, and contribute actively to intellectual, cultural, and civic life.
(603) 795-3111
Spanish, Biology, Social Studies, English, Math (pre-algebra & below), writing & research.
(603) 795-2825
(603) 325-8697
Provides tutoring for kids up to Grade 5 in all subjects.
(802) 333-4026
Provides tutoring in SAT/ACT/Study Skills and college and career counseling.
(802) 649-2478
Kelly Downing
(603) 795-4567
The Lyme School strives to promote a collaborative partnership among our students, teachers, and parents to create what we believe is a distinctive school community.
(603) 795-2125
Yolanda Bujarski
PTO goal is to enrich the school community. Volunteers help with annual events, programs and fundraisers.
(603) 795-2125
Provides a wide variety of continuing education courses. Classes cover a broad range of topics from Shakespeare, Pete Seeger, and Sinatra to the World Wars, the Middle East and American politics, and presidents to art, classical music, forensic anthropology, fly fishing, birding, and kayaking. In recent years, participants have had backstage access to the production of local theater; focused on the best films of leading directors and actors; learned the best tips and techniques for solving crossword puzzles, painting watercolors and selling on eBay; traveled to Botswana, the Basque Country, and Cuba, and learned to write memoirs and screenplays. Membership required plus a fee for each course.
(603) 646-0154
Ana Edson
Academic support for students of all ages. Specializing in test prep for SAT/ACT (proctored practice tests and detailed analysis), as well as subject-specializing in test prep for SAT/ACT (proctored practice tests and detailed analysis), as well as subject-specific tutoring.

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*The Lyme Contractor and Service Providers listing that is the basis of this directory was initiated by former Lyme neighbor, Jess Lahey. For years, she updated and shared the listing, based on listserv posts about individuals and local businesses serving Lyme residents. Thank you, Jess!