CCL Director, Patty Jenks, periodically shares news, information about upcoming events, photos, stories, celebrations, and thanks.

Announcement from the Lyme Select Board and Transfer Station

Change of operations for the Lyme Transfer Station

We are pleased to announce a change of operations for the Lyme Transfer Station as of Wednesday, August 1st, 2018. Collection times will remain as they are currently, but the Transfer Station will operate on Saturday from 8:30-11:00 AM instead of Sunday. Wednesday summer hours remain 4-6 PM. Casella Waste Management will be our new provider utilizing their Zero-Sort process for recycling. The primary business drivers for this change are improved ergonomics for residents, improved percentage of materials recycled, and improved traffic flow within the Highway department work area. This new process will be in a trial period through August.

What’s the new process?

  • Drive into Transfer Station as before and stop at the Casella Trash Truck, a Casella worker will take your trash in either Lyme green bags or $3 punch per bag. If you have C&D you should help the Casella operator unload into their truck. Large C&D haulers should pull off to the side of the Casella truck and work your C&D into the Casella truck as traffic allows. You will present your punch card at this time.(Reminder the Transfer Station does not accept cash at any time)
  • Pull around to Matt’s station as before, but now the green compactor will be our Zero-Sort area instead of trash. All clean paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, and glass can be tossed at this station with Matt assisting. Once again if you have a large Zero-Sort load, please pull off the side to allow others to drive up to the Zero-Sort compactor and work your recycling into the green compactor as traffic allows. Please have all recycled material loose. (do not put them into zero sort in a bag)
  • If you have only 1-2 trash bags, no C&D, and one box or container of Zero-Sort you most likely will not have to leave your vehicle as our workers can gather your items. Once you have paid with your card or green bag for your trash and C&D, you are free to drive straight out of the Transfer Station.
  • Once unloaded you are free to drive over to the deposit bottle area or metal recycle bin as needed.

What are the benefits?

  • Ergonomics will be improved with the reduced utilization of the large recycle bins and stairs.
  • A higher percentage of material will be recycled than in the past due to the efficiency offered by Casella and their Zero-Sort capability.
  • Traffic flow will improve significantly with reduced parking and backing of vehicles and, in turn, improve access for Highway Deptartment vehicles during winter operations.

We look forward to this change and are looking for your support. Any suggestions for improvement can be emailed to Matt at


Sue, Rusty, Kevin and Matt

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Embrace the Season of Giving

Celebrate in Community!

We are inspired by the annual reminder to experience the gift of giving – and receiving, too – and we’re promoting opportunities to do both this year. Look for ways to share your gifts and to lift up others by receiving theirs.

Check out our Season of Giving page for lots of ideas and calendar listings.

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CCL Update – October 17, 2017

Hello to All from CommunityCare of Lyme!!

Venturing into Fall, I’ll report on the end of Summer and what’s coming up. Before diving in, I’ll share something a friend passed on that caught me at exactly the right time. Maybe you’ll appreciate it too.

In Praise of Slowness

It was a hectic day, and catching my breath didn’t seem to be an option. Glancing through my messages, deciding which were critical to the moment, I saw this one, and not usually hearing from her unless things were difficult, I opened it:

I saw this today and thought you might find it of interest, and that you might like to share it with others through CCL … In a TED Talk, journalist Carl Honoré describes a wake-up call he had while reading bedtime stories to his son, and it is certainly is eye-opening. He has also written a book, In Praise of Slowness, in which he “dissects our speed-obsessed society and celebrates those who have gotten in touch with their ‘inner tortoise.’”

Speed-obsessed? She caught my attention, and I clicked on the link to the talk. After finding himself “speed-reading The Cat in the Hat” to his son, Carl Honoré began to look around. We are all trying to do more and more in less and less time. He believes our emphasis on speed is bad for our health, our quality of life, and our productivity. But he sees a backlash brewing, as “everyday people” start putting on the brakes. Well speaking as an every day gal, I could use some brakes! His talk was fascinating and encouraging.

Click here to hear the TED talk for the rest of the story. You may view it or read the transcript. If you prefer, contact me, and I’ll send you the transcript.

As busy as we are, as much as it feels we must accomplish, it’s important for us all to slow down … to enjoy our time and our people and our space. It feels an especially appropriate message for CCL to share, as we care about and for our collective Lyme family.

So, as I launch into a long list of goings-on, know that we are grateful for the many, many hands and hearts that make all this possible. Let’s all try to think of the sometimes overwhelming list of activities as a big set of opportunities to be with new and old friends, to slow down and disconnect, even briefly, from the everyday race to a finish line we can’t even always see.

Reviewing CCL’s September and Early October:

Back to School Potluck Picnic

A wonderful evening with 50+ neighbors, from toddlers to some of Lyme’s most experienced residents, making new or deeper friendships on a beautiful evening in Lyme Center.

Atul Gawande simulcast

with over 80 people in attendance!

Dr. Atul Gawande

Tuesdays at the CCL Gathering Room

Very full and interesting days each week: several folks enjoying Our Hour, a Select Board Coffee Hour, Parish Nurses spending one-to-one time in their private space, many friends experiencing a Reiki Power Surge compliments of Stephanie.

… and all about Town

Lyme Health Ministry’s Red Cross blood drive, a very successful and informative Aging in Place Committee meeting, the fun-filled Third Thursday Lunch at Stella’s, a Planning Board Public Forum on housing, digging into the ongoing discussions about housing in Lyme.

And, last on this list, but at the top of mine: helping several neighbors who shared the gift of their trust.

Looking Forward – ‘Tis the Season!

So many exciting things to share. Again, please reference the newsletter calendar and the Lyme Events Calendar for more events and details. Here are highlights:

Please say Happy Birthday with cards

to Charles & Mertie Balch! Charles will be 99 on October 16th and Mertie will be 94 on October 25th. The address for a card is 21 Pleasant Street in Lyme. Melvina Beauford will be 98 on October 17th! Her address is 17 Union Street in Lyme.

Neighborhood Breakfast Café, Monday, October 16th 7:30-9:30am

With the kick off of the CCL Neighborhood Breakfast Café on October 16th, there are now at least four monthly opportunities for casual gathering with friends: One breakfast, two lunches (Senior Lunch on the first Thursday at LCC, and the CCL Third Thursday Lunch at local restaurants), and the Our Hour conversation over tea and treats.

Holding the Net – Caring for My Mother on the Tightrope of Aging  October 18th 7:00pm

Book reading, discussion, and refreshments with author Melanie Merriman, at the CCL Gathering Room. Please let us know if you’ll join us.

National Village Gathering in Baltimore, November 5th-8th

Martha Tecca and I will venture to Baltimore to learn from hundreds of other communities across the country and to share some of what makes Lyme so special. Martha and Ellen Thompson have attended in previous years and brought back enthusiasm and new ideas. Very exciting, not only for CCL but for me!

Coming in January: Weatherize Lyme!

We are pleased to share that Lyme has teamed up with Orford and Piermont, and we have been chosen to participate in the Vital Communities Weatherize program! This is a collaborative effort between (so far) CCL, the Lyme Energy Committee, members of the Lyme Congregational Church, the Lyme Foundation, and community leaders in Orford and Piermont, with the coordinating leadership of Lyme’s David Perlman. MUCH more to come, but we are excited to be part of bringing the community together to increase the energy efficiency of our homes.

Let us hear from you so we can be here for you:

Our mission is to lift up, support, and collaborate with our Lyme family and the many entities designed to keep us all safe, comfortable and happy. During the coming season of giving, our focus is reinforcing our commitment to you and asking for your continued support and ideas. We are opening our ears and inboxes to hear what our Lyme neighbors might wish to give or receive over the coming months, so we can support you. Whether it’s preparing for colder weather, assistance with transportation, or an event idea to bring cheer as the days grow shorter, all suggestions are welcome. We are your partner in making 2017 a happy and healthy year for all our neighbors.

Please reach out to me, any time. Call 603-795-0603 or email

Happy Halloween wishes, and much love and grace from CommunityCare!

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Atul Gawande Materials at Lyme Library

Lyme Library Supports CCL Programs!

With gratitude, we share a note from Lyme’s fabulous Library Director, Judy Russell:
Community Care of Lyme is doing great things, and the library loves to lend a helping hand when we can.
I wanted to let everyone know that as of this morning, the audio CD version of Being Mortal is available to borrow, along with the PBS video based on the book. You may place a hold on the book at this time, or check with Margaret–we often have spare copies of this enormously popular book.
In addition, we suggest the following (all currently available):

Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science, by Gawande
Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance, by Gawande
When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi (print version)
When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi (audio CD)
The Best Care Possible: A Physician’s Quest to Transform Care through the End of Life, by Ira Byock

And for the real fanboys and fangirls among you, My Ideal Bookshelf, in which Gawande (and many other prominent figures) shares his most meaningful reading experiences. (Great read all around.)

Click here for the three results that show up in the New Hampshire Downloadable Books (Overdrive) collection. (Need help downloading electronic materials? Come to Tech Tuesdays or Wednesdays and we’ll get you all set up.)

We’re open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today and 9 a.m. to noon tomorrow. For help placing a hold, email or give us a call at 603.795.4622.

See you at the library

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CCL Update – September 18, 2017

September 18, 2017


Happy Fall, from CommunityCare!  Summer flew by…and Fall brings more exciting and interesting things for our life in Lyme.

It’s the evening of September 10th, and as the sun sets, the Academy Building field is full of kids. A wonderful multi-generational group of old and new friends are gathered under the tent provided by Those Guys, finishing up the last of a varied and delicious collection of pot luck offerings at the Back to School Pot Picnic.  Over 40 people attended, and we are very grateful for those that took time from a busy schedule to join us.

I haven’t used this message to highlight regular calendar items. Please do check the calendar in this newsletter and the (beautiful!) Lyme Events Calendar. Also watch for occasional posts to the Lyme Listserv.

August and Early September in Review:

CommunityCare continued support efforts to the Lyme Emergency Management operations following the July 1st storm.

We Have Each Other

Mariah Lang concluded her 2017 internship with CCL, having conducting seven interviews to learn about how people manage their joys and challenges today. You might enjoy Mariah’s blog post about her experience. Thanks to Mariah’s diligent efforts, the program is well established and will continue with further interviews.There are stories and snippets of wisdom in process. We’ll share more soon!

If you’d be willing to tell us about your world we’d be honored to document your story and learn from your experiences.  Listeners are always welcome. Call Patty at 795-0603 or 795-2028.

Our Hour

Nine people attended the August gathering. Sharing not only easy dialog, but also yummy snacks, everyone enjoyed a good laugh and left having made new friends and plans for an outing or two. A walking partner was identified to make it easier to get some friendly exercise. We also found that shaking the cream into fresh butter for our biscuits gave us all a little workout! Those that didn’t get a turn with the butter used one and two pound vegetable cans I’d brought in. It is healthy to be together for lots of reasons.

A request was made to consider holding the gathering on a different day, so we’ll alternate Tuesday and Thursday to see how that works.  September’s was last Thursday and October will be held on October 10 at 10:30am. Everyone is very welcome to join us. Please contact me if you’d like to join us, or if you know someone who might appreciate a personal invitation.

And the newest ventures …

Neighborhood Breakfast Café in collaboration with the Baptist Church in Lyme Center: We invite you to join us for a monthly (for the time being) visit to your Neighborhood Breakfast Café (AKA the Baptist Church Vestry). We’ll aim for a Monday morning and we’ll begin in October. A menu of the morning will be posted well in advance for your scheduling ease and serving hours will be from 7:30 am to 9:30 am. It will be the “chef’s special” eggs/pancakes/French toast/oatmeal; and there will be fresh muffins, hot coffee, tea and juices. CCL welcomes donations local produce, eggs, breads, and meats, or anything you think would make breakfast special. Guests may leave a donation of their choice. Donations will be used to cover any Café expenses and contribute to the fuel expenses at the church.

Anyone interested in a) coming for breakfast, b) being chef for a day, c) offering suggestions, or d) donating to the cause, I would love to hear from you! 795-2028, 795-0603 or

CommunityCare Closet

Sometimes you just need a gadget or a car seat or other kid thing for a few days. CCL is creating an inventory of items for such times (similar to the medical equipment the Parish Nurses keep for distribution). We’re starting with items donated by Katie Jenks, following the closing of her child care center.  We haven’t completed building the inventory but as soon as we have a good accounting, a list will be published.  Meanwhile I’m asking for your thoughts…

Do you have an item in good shape that you’d consider contributing, and do you know of a safe, clean location (would haven’t to be too large) where the items could be stored and easily accessible?  Many thanks for your help with this project.

Upcoming Special Events:

September 25, 4:30-6:30pm. Dr. Atul Gawande simulcast at Lyme Congregational Church.

The Being Mortal author will speak on “The Value of Community and Choice as We Grow Older” in Boston to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Beacon Hill Village. CCL is pleased to host a “watch party” and conversation. Doors will open at 4:30pm and the program will stream 5-6pm. Refreshments (thanks to Caldwell Law) and conversation will follow. Click here to view the full calendar listing and RSVP. Please note the location change from the Lyme Inn, due to the great response which has meant we need a larger space.

This is a big week for Dr. Gawande in the Upper Valley! On Wednesday the 27th, Osher at Dartmouth will be showing the film Being Mortal and holding a Q&A at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Auditorium H. For more information go to or call (603) 646-0154. The two events are complementary, addressing different stages in the spectrum of aging.

October 18, 7pm. Holding the Net – Caring for My Mother on the Tight Rope of Aging, book reading and discussion at the CCL Gathering Room in the Lyme Center Academy Building.

Refreshments will be served. Melanie Merriman will read from her soon-to-be-released book and looks forward to a rich discussion with participants. Please click here to read the full calendar listing and let us know if you’d like to come.

Thanks for Your Trust and Support:

Finally, I’m pleased to report that I’ve been busy. It’s very gratifying to be able to help facilitate a solution to a problem, steer people in the direction of a needed resource, and (I hope) make it easier for people to navigate this business called life. I don’t do this by magic. Lyme is blessed with wonderful resources and people with whom I collaborate and direct others to. It’s what CommunityCare is designed to do. If I can ever be helpful to you or someone you know, please allow me the privilege of trying to help.

You can reach me any time by email at or by phone at 795-0603 (CCL Office) or 795-2028 (home).

Have a great month. Be well.

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CCL Update – August 19, 2017

The summer is flying by

… with vacation and hard work, beautiful warm weather and rain, joy and great sadness. I am grateful to be experiencing it with you.

Since our last visit:

The “We Have Each Other” project continues.

Mariah Lang has interviewed 6 individuals so far about the joys and jumbles of living in Lyme today. She will finish her internship with CCL in early August, but interviews will continue with different interviewers. If you’re interested in this project please contact Patty. It’s turned out to be a terrific exercise in learning about Lyme today (as opposed to 50 years ago) and will enable us to gain momentum in providing the support folks need now. Our sincerest appreciation to Mariah for sharing her summer with us. Her beautiful smile, upbeat and creative attitude have been a true pleasure. We are grateful that she has offered to stay involved long distance!

Listener Training: An opportunity to learn the art of interviewing and listening took place on July 21st.

Our first listener training was led by Cayla Dyer of the United Valley Interfaith Project, and ten people attended. Our group included engaged community members from Lyme and neighboring towns, with a diverse set of goals in listening.

This was an interesting educational opportunity and a chance to discuss the many ways listening more generously will benefit us as individuals and as a community.

We hope to expand on the techniques we explored and offer additional training sessions. One idea that emerged during our conversation was a large group learning session, breaking into one-to-one sessions listening to one another’s stories. Doesn’t it sound like fun?


“Our Hour” Thursday September 14th at 12:30-1:30pm at the CCL office

This is time set aside for those who just want an hour of simple visit and down time. Treats of the day will be provided by whoever has been cooking! Please join us for a good visit blended with laughter and relaxing.

Reiki Healing by Stephanie Carney Tuesdays at 10:30am at the CCL Office

Stephanie will be back in mid-September. This is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to try this amazing therapy.

What is Reiki Healing? Reiki is a Japanese technique used for relaxation and the reduction of stress. The technique is based on the principle of unseen life force energy. It is practiced by laying hands on or above an area of the body and allowing the life force energy to flow freely for people to feel alive. It is thought when energy is low, people are more likely to be ill or stressed, and when it is high, people are likely to be well and happy. Treatments produce feelings of peace, security and wellness

Back to School Pot Luck and Celebration of Grandparents Day Sunday, September 10th 4-6pm at the Lyme Center Academy Building

You are warmly invited to join us on the Academy Building beautiful back lawn for a warm, intergenerational Pot Luck bonanza. Come share a meal, meet new friends, watch the kids play, and relax on a Sunday afternoon as the school schedule picks up. CCL will provide desserts, beverages, a few lawn games, and some tables and chairs. Those Guys are providing a tent. Bring a dish to share, and maybe a blanket or lawn chairs.  Click here for more details.

Atul Gawade Simulcast on Community and Choice September 25th 4:30-6:30pm at the Lyme Inn

CommunityCare of Lyme is pleased to host a “watch party” and conversation. Dr. Atul Gawande, author of Being Mortal, will speak on
“The Value of Community and Choice as We Grow Older” in Boston to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of Beacon Hill Village.

We will gather over refreshments at 4:30pm and simulcast the program 5-6pm. Conversation will follow, 6-6:30pm.

Please join us! Let us know if you will attend, so that we can plan for seating and refreshments. To RSVP or to ask questions, click contact us above or call 603-795-0603 and leave a message.

Click here for details.

Aging in Community:

Aging in Place Committee meeting August 23rd 6pm at CCL Gathering Room

We will review planning board efforts and discuss educational materials for healthy and safe aging.

The Art of Aging….we hope it’s a continuing sagaCommunityCare of Lyme is host to many programs designed to encourage health and wellbeing.

And remember, we’re all aging! Although the “seasoned” set does face unique issues and challenges, the younger crowd isn’t without its own angst. The huge obligations and commitments to family, demanding jobs and the price of living in today’s world can take the fun out of a good day. Good mental and physical health are paramount to coping with the pressures. We can all help each other.

Part of Aging in Community is being a helpful part of the changing community. Watch for programs offered by CCL to help with coping skills and techniques for all age groups.

Awareness and Caution

It’s a sad reality that there are people among us who set traps and lie in wait to take advantage of unsuspecting, trusting individuals.   What can appear to be an innocent phone call, mailing or email can actually be a clandestine effort to gain personal information making us vulnerable to identity theft, or theft of assets and belongings.  It is very difficult to track these people and even more difficult to recoup your losses.

Unless you are very sure of the business or individual requesting your support, walk away.  Never provide your Social Security number, your credit card information or your checking account information.  If the caller is talking about something that truly interests you, request that they send you information in writing via the postal service. That buys you time and provides you with what you need to make an informed decision. If the answer to this request is negative, hang up.  Legitimate entities have written information and policies.

Finally, if you feel that you or someone you know is a victim of identity theft or elder abuse, call your local police department.  They are trained to know what to look for and the proper agencies to work with.  Never be embarrassed, they’re here to help and we all need help occasionally.

Stay well and stay tuned as we continue to explore the Art of Aging.

Grateful for the People of Lyme:

Welcome New Lyme Neighbors!

Nathaniel & Genevieve Brown

Sarah & Allan Dooley


It is great sadness that we extend loving sympathy to Maureen Byrne and the family of Tom Hughes. Tom was a true supporter of Lyme and our life together, often communicating with us about different ideas he had concerning CCL. His passing leaves us with aching hearts and feeling a huge void as it’s hard to imagine life in Lyme without his fun grin, happy greeting and constant interest in our well being. Rest in Peace, dear Friend.

Have a Happy Healthy Month!

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CCL Update – July 19, 2017

Whoa—What a start to the summer! Lots to share, but of great importance is the sincere thank you to all the Lyme Highway Department and Emergency Services teams who worked many, many wet & wild hours during the July 1st storm. Thanks also to Judy Russell at the Library and Jeff Valence at the school who made themselves and their facilities available as needed.

Goings-on since our last visit:

Independence Day Celebration. 

Some of the fun before the storm.

The storm overwhelmed what was a spectacular showing of community teamwork and American spirit. I want to recognize the hard work and flexibility both in planning the parade, activities, and meal and in making sure a whole lot of that was enjoyed, despite the locations changing and events being cut short. I was proud to be a part of it on behalf of CCL and am so thankful for all of you who played a part.

“We Have Each Other”, a project designed to learn about people’s experience with life in Lyme – what’s good and you are grateful for and what are challenges you may be facing now or you may see coming — CCL intern Mariah Lang is helping to design and kick off the project. Her initial conversations are proving to be enlightening and fun!  If chatting with Mariah or another “listener” interests you, please let us know.  And if you are interested in being a listener, we welcome your participation.

“Our Hour” is an informal hour each month designed to be, simply put, just for you.  Held in the Gathering Room in the Lyme Center Academy, a few folks visit, enjoy Abbe Murphy’s delicious treats, and relax. That’s it. Anyone who would like a little down time is warmly invited. Please call the office for the next scheduled date.

CCL Website new content.

The Davis Family had a big Prouty weekend

We are excited that this News and Events section on our website now includes more contributors!

Vicki, Chris, Lynn, Celeste enjoy a free dance concert (and dear grandbaby!) on the Green

Check out the posts in the categories “Life in and around Lyme”, by Nancy Copeland, “Summer Bucket List”, by Jay Davis, and see James Graham’s recent post. I’ve also used this space to share my enormous gratitude to all involved in the Independence Day Celebration and my memories of Marion and Ronnie Balch. I’ll continue to share this (long) monthly update here each month.


Listener Training 101 on Friday, July 21st at 2:30-4:30pm at the CCL office

Cayla Dyer, Lead Organizer with United Valley Interfaith Project (UVIP), will lead an interactive training in Listening: the Art and Science of Interviewing. This training is helpful for those capturing stories for We Have Each Other and is broadly applicable to story capture and interviews of all kinds. We will be sharing experiences, tips and techniques. If you are an experienced interviewer, your participation is welcome and encouraged. Participants may also help with future Listening Training. Please contact me if you can join us OR If you cannot attend but are interested. Please just show-up if you find yourself available at the last minute.

Blood Pressure Checks

The Parish Nurses will take blood pressures in the CCL Gathering Room in August. Please watch for more information on dates and times. If you are interested, please let us know so we can contact you individually.

Third Thursday Lunch is at Stella’s on August 17th, 2017 at Noon.
(NOTE: It’s also tomorrow, July 20th, at Dowds’ Latham Tavern)

Please join us for conversation over lunch. Choose from their lunch menu, which includes a variety of foods and tastes.  Anyone can come who lives in Lyme, is from Lyme, has friends here, or wants to learn about Lyme. Bring a guest! All are invited. Come and visit over lunch and make new friends.  Please let me know that you are coming by contacting Kathy Larson before 10 a.m. on August 17th, at 795-2014 (leave a message if I am out) or If you decide at the last moment, come anyway. The more the merrier!  I look forward to seeing you at Stella’s to hear about your summer adventures.
Kathy Larson for CommunityCare of Lyme

Save the Dates!

September 10th afternoon/evening – Back to School Bonanza

CCL will host a multi-generational community meal to wish the kids (and parents) well as they head back to school. Our hope is that the weather will allow a wonderful late afternoon outside barbecue (can you tell I’m “gun-shy” after the July 1st adventure?) Mark the date, watch for more details, and let us know if you’d like to help!

Dr. Atul Gawande

September 25th, 4:30-6:30pm – Atul Gawande Simulcast

The scheduled February event that got postponed due to a snowstorm is now on the calendar. Dr. Atul Gawande, author of Being Mortal, will be speaking on the topic “The Value of Community and Choice as We Grow Older” in Boston to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of Beacon Hill Village. We will gather over refreshments at 4:30pm and simulcast the program 5-6pm. Conversation will follow, 6-6:30pm.

Grateful memories:

The Lyme community has lost many good friends over the past few weeks: Hank Swan, a steward of forest and fauna; his wife, Freda Swan, a dedicated servant to the town of Lyme, as a member of the planning board and select board among other things; Marion Balch, a mother, grandmother and friend to many, creative in her works, loving in her nature; Ronnie Balch, a long time fixture at the Dartmouth Skiway and teacher of all things hunting and fishing; and Mike Whitcomb, firefighter and EMT for Hanover and Lyme, and fixer of all things noisy with a motor.

To the families and friends of these good people, our appreciation for sharing them and our sympathy to you all.


Offers, asks, and thanks:

As support to the Independence Day festivities CCL purchased 3 5-gallon beverage containers, with the thought they could be handy for any number of functions in town. If you would like to borrow any or all for a function, please contact me.

CCL was gifted several boxes of items left over from the Prouty for use at community functions.  Sincere appreciation for this thoughtful and supportive gesture by the Prouty organizers and to Kevin Peterson for transporting the boxes to Lyme.


What we do and how we do it:

CCL just wants to be helpful. Whether it’s arranging a ride, a meal, some financial help, some medical help or getting some housework done, we work in conjunction with all the agencies and organizations in town designed to provide these services. I am so happy to report that since April 2017, there have been 40+ instances where we have been able to make a difference in someone’s life.  It doesn’t matter what the issue is, if it’s important to the person needing help, it’s important to us.

CCL is a growing group of volunteer leaders with a small paid staff, including me as Director. Our work includes individual service and activities that get the community involved, through coordination, communication, education, training, and opportunities to gather. Our annual operating budget is now funded by a small number of generous souls who support the mission of community caring and support. We will be seeking broader community support in the months and years to come.

Always, we aim to empower all contributors — of time, ideas, money, or just trust — to realize ownership. CCL is yours. Your voice is welcomed, your ideas critical.

Have a happy, healthy month.  Hope to see lots of you.


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Listener Training 101: July 21st

CommunityCare of Lyme is seeking both listeners and storytellers (individuals sharing their experiences) for We Have Each Other, a new project gathering and celebrating stories of the people of Lyme.

There is an art and science to listening well! CCL is offering the first in a series of listener training programs:

Listener Training 101

Friday, July 21st, 2:30-4:30pm at the CCL Office in the Lyme Center Academy Building

Cayla Dyer, Lead Organizer with United Valley Interfaith Project (UVIP), will lead an interactive training in Listening: the Art and Science of Interviewing. This training is helpful for those capturing stories for We Have Each Other, and is broadly applicable to story capture and interviews of all kinds. We will be sharing experiences, tips and techniques. If you are an experienced interviewer, your participation is welcome and encouraged. Participants may also help with future Listening Training.

Please respond to this message or contact the CCL Office at 603-795-0603 if you can join us OR If you cannot attend but are interested. Please just show-up if you find yourself available at the last minute.

We Have Each Other builds on the work of We Had Each Other, A Spoken History of Lyme, published in 2000 by Friends of Lyme Library, and the current Stories Projects of the United Valley Interfaith Project, which pairs trained Listeners with members of the community and has already captured over 500 stories of aging with dignity across the Upper Valley, economic security, and life in Claremont.

Contact Mariah Lang (, 603-795-0603), CCL intern, or Patty Jenks (, 603-795-0603), CCL Director, to learn more about “We Have Each Other” or to sign up.
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Tell Your Story!

We Have Each Other

Are you interested in listening to other’s stories, or sharing your own stories?

CommunityCare of Lyme invites your participation in a new story-gathering project, “We Have Each Other.”

Inspired by We Had Each Other, a Spoken History of Lyme, the extraordinary collection of Lyme personal histories edited by Mary Daubenspeck and Judy Russell and published by Friends of Lyme Library in 2000, we are gathering and celebrating new stories from the people of Lyme. We are also part of the UVIP Stories Project, which has included over 500 seniors across the Upper Valley and over 100 Claremont residents.

We are eager hear about the joy, the challenges, the hopes, and the dreams associated with YOUR life in Lyme.

Contact Mariah Lang (, 603-795-0603), CCL intern, or Patty Jenks (, 603-795-0603), CCL Director, to learn more about “We Have Each Other” or to sign up.

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CCL Update – June 15, 2017

The month of May was packed full of various busyness, and from start to finish all were great successes, linking people with people, accomplishing great things in our villages and moving forward in an effort to keep lifting up each other in the spirit of camaraderie and good will.  Thank you all for that!

The Month in Review

Celeste, Martha, Nancy, and Vicki — Some of the “Wild Mountain Mamas” helping out on the Day of Service.

Starting off with a major bang was the enormous success of the May 6th Lyme Day of Service.  With much of the work spearheaded by a dynamic team – Sue Hanlon, Kathy McGowan, Erin Wetherell and Sarah Shipton – and held in conjunction with the Conservation Commission’s Green-up Day, many, many positive tasks were accomplished. But, not before a delicious, free community breakfast, where many of us connected and fueled ourselves for the day. Over 60 people enjoyed the meal, provided by Tami Dowd and Jeff Valence in the school cafeteria. All offerings for breakfast were made possible through generous benefactors. Over 170(!) people spread across town doing roadside clean up and projects for homeowners, town, church, and community spaces. The beach area courts and fields were spruced up. Loads of firewood were chopped and delivered in memory of Alan Hewitt. The Lyme Highway Dept.  left one of the trucks at the school for people to place the road-side debris bags into. And the weather cooperated!  A very heartfelt and loving thank you to everyone who offered their time, resources and talents in coming together for another great day of community service.

Sue, Jane, Peggy, Betsy, and Cathy sharing ideas at the CCL Open House

The CCL Open House on May 17th was terrific!  We heard lots of creative and interesting ideas from a variety of community perspectives, all aimed to help CCL provide thoughtful, confidential (if desired) and collaborative support of Lyme and Lyme Center individuals and families of all ages. Sincere thanks to all who attended and heartfelt appreciation to Katie Jenks and Pam Poire who supplemented the delicious treats provided by CCL board members.

The CCL Office is shaping up, thanks to donations of furniture and decor. We are getting more and more visitors, and it is great fun! Sometimes bustling, sometimes warm conversation, always filled with the love of community. Please stop by. I’m usually there Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. I’m happy to make an appointment, if that works best for you.

As you know if you are reading this, our new website is live! Please click around the site. It will continue to evolve, and your input is important. We’re especially excited about the news and events section, where we share photos and stories of people, news, and events in Lyme. We welcome your contributions of all kinds. Please contact me, if you would like to write or take pictures — once or in an ongoing way.

The 9-part education and discussion series “So You Want to Age in Place — Now What?! concluded in May. Each of the programs offered tremendous insight and ideas about how to plan for the challenges and joys of aging where and how we want. Feedback was positive, so programs may be offered again. We welcome your ideas for future topics and specific speakers. Major kudos and thanks to the organizing team: Lyme Library’s Judy Russell, Parish Nurses Ellen Thompson and Lynn Smith, and CCL team members Sarah Shipton and Bob Rufsvold.

There are two fledgling programs in the works.  Occasionally one needs to know they are thought of.  For May Day, Kingland Farms, to kick off Thinking of You, donated several lovely gift baskets which were distributed to an assortment of folks who had been on our minds.  Surprises like this will continue throughout the year. Our Hour is a time of easy visiting, meeting new friends and spending a little time doing something different, somewhere different.  Held once a month (the next will be July 18th from 10:30-11:30) in the Gathering Room, if you’re in the mood for some easy socializing, you are always welcome.  Snacks & beverages are provided.

And finally, June 1st was the Senior Lunch, sponsored by Lyme Congregational Church, and including lots of organizers and helpers. It was hosted by Mark, Martha & Grace Tecca at THE most beautiful location on the River in Orford. The cooks provided a really interesting and delicious menu (many of us asked for recipes — which are available if you’re interested), served on beautifully decorated tables, under a tent provided by Those Guys. It was a beautiful team effort and a privilege to be a part of it. Thanks to so many … Martha, Mark, and Grace Tecca for hosting; the LCC Senior Lunch team (Parish Nurses Ellen Thompson and Lynn Smith, Lorry Kenton, and Priscilla LaMott), who ensured that guests had rides; the cooks, Martha Tecca, Tina Cullenberg, Cathy Johnson, and Chris Bunten; Margaret Caldwell, for the bright and lovely tablecloths; Cammie Wheeler for the beautifully-designed centerpieces of fresh flowers, and lots of Those Guys for moving tables, chairs, and tents to and from Orford. And many thanks to those who came to the luncheon and to the Good Lord who truly blessed us with a day with no rain!  It was a lovely afternoon of food and conversation.

Looking forward

CommunityCare has lots happening! First we are grateful to have the involvement of some terrific young people who may not live here full time but still call Lyme home. Savannah (Wallace) Osgood continues to help make the Lyme Events Calendar such a helpful resource. Grace Tecca, in her weeks back at home was a huge help, not only for the senior lunch but for many other CCL related projects she got roped into. Always smiling, her time and talents were greatly appreciated. She is working on the online directory, soon to be part of the CCL Website.   We are pleased to announce that Mariah Lang is doing an internship with CCL this summer!

Mariah’s projects include teaching me to be less grouchy with the computer and a much more interesting effort to gather stories from Lyme residents about what it’s like living in Lyme today. The goals are building some stronger relationships, while we learn what makes Lyme a good community to age and thrive in and what concerns and opportunities there are to address. Inspired by the extraordinary and much loved stories of individual lives in Lyme compiled by the historians and Library, “We Had Each Other”, this new adventure will be called (with permission), We Have Each Other. The goal is that the experiences, hopes, and dreams shared by seniors and young families alike will provide a good basis for continuing education and resources to enrich life in Lyme. Mariah and others will visit with folks willing to share their stories through July.  If this project interests you and you’d be willing to participate as a storyteller or listener, please let us know. We welcome your involvement.

CommunityCare of Lyme will be participating in the July 1st Independence Day celebration. (Click here for some photos of last year’s event.) Sarah Shipton and Jim Nourse were spearheading the CCL force last year, and that’s a hard act to follow, but we’ll be trying hard. Watch for information on this coming from the Independence Day Committee and the Town Offices.

This month’s Third Thursday Lunch is at noon on July 20th at the Latham Tavern at Dowds’ inn. Join us a lively conversation over lunch. Choose from the wide selection of foods for all tastes on the lunch menu. Bring a guest! All are invited. Are you new in Lyme? This is a great opportunity to ask questions about the town while getting to know one another. Stories, jokes, good books, local issues … who knows what we’ll talk about? Please let Kathy Larson know that you are coming by calling 795-2014 or emailing before 10am on July 20th. If you decide at the last moment, come anyway – the more the merrier!

I’ve almost finished reading Tom Turkington’s book, Before I Forget: A Boyhood of Little Drama. It’s not about murder and mayhem. Nothing too political and no X-rated nonsense. It’s a great book about growing up in changing times with neighborhood schools and people caring for people.   Tom chronicles his life as he remembers it, from earliest memories capturing the charm, the angst and the challenges. It’s a fun book-not only to learn more about our friend Tom, but in reading it, memories of your own will make appearances and it won’t be hard to equate those patterns of life to what we have now.

Like many of the stories Tom shares, CommunityCare of Lyme endeavors to be a good neighbor and strive to be aware of needs and lift up in spirit the Lyme community. Working in conjunction with the Parish Nurses, Those Guys & Gals, Lyme’s dedicated Emergency Response team, the Library, School, and more and more community members all the time, needs are identified and an effort is made to provide whatever support and/or services are needed.

There is an ongoing effort to work toward safe and comfortable aging in place options for those who wish to live their full lives—as they choose—in this community. CCL will be participating in meetings held by the Planning Board as they analyze housing needs and opportunities over the coming months. We have committed to provide whatever assistance they might need and to support their efforts. If you are interested in learning more or if you have specific ideas about housing options in Lyme, please attend Planning Board meetings, held the second and fourth Thursday of each month, 7pm at the Town Offices.

Your Support Makes a Difference!

Finally, please consider joining in the warmth, fun, and work of CommunityCare of Lyme. As we engage in all of the various ways to provide support and assistance, we are growing our business. With that positive growth, comes the need for sustenance. CCL’s growth depends upon the trust of community members and willingness to ask for help; friends and volunteers helping one another; board members, program and project leaders; and financial support for coordination, systems, and communications that make it all possible. As we end our fiscal year on June 30th, your support at this time will help us start the “new year” strong.

To make a financial donation:
Send a check to CommunityCare of Lyme, PO Box 127, Lyme, NH 03768, or click here to donate online using a credit card or PayPal funds. There are many other ways to give, please contact me with your ideas. Call 603-795-0603 at the office, or email

Thank You for your consideration…..Whatever contribution you’re able to make will be deeply appreciated and used very carefully.

Be Well,


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